Tuesday, December 6, 2011

deck the halls...

this past weekend was spent prepping the house & actually decorating for the holidays...
the mere mention of the xmas tree brings a smile from skylar that would light up the world!
and i gotta telly you -- she was obviously blessed with the xmas decorating gene from my mom
(it skips a generation apparently) because miss holly jolly placed those ornaments in a fashion that would make even the likes of martha stewert proud!

yup -- i am actually on the other side of the camera for once!
miss sky & myself decorating the tree...

every family has that one person that brings christmas to life; in my family it is skylar.
we were all astounded at how well she did & she was barely coached. matter of fact when we tried to give direction she firmly let us know that she wanted to do it *by myself*!
the finished product: o' christmas tree!
later that evening we even got some of the outdoor decorations done.
and some may say that enormous inflatable yard decorations are tacky -- but my daughter thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread with peanut butter on it!

xmas is without a doubt all about & for the kiddos...
and having a little one in the house again certainly makes it magical.

oh & notice my teenage sons are nowhere to be found -- apparently xmas decorating isn't their *thing* anymore?
wonder why?
*insert sarcasm*

matter of fact hunter told me that the only things he likes about xmas are the food & the presents.
gee, ya think?
he is the resident scrooge -- because every family has one of those too.

in their defense -- they both lit up when skylar became so animated showing them all her hard work on the tree & giving them one of her world-famous *tah-dah's*!

merry xmas tree!


  1. Your decorations are GORGEOUS! and so are you, sweetie.

  2. It looks AWESOME! LOVE LOVE the pic of you and Skylar, seriously, that's a christmas card pic if I've ever seen one! Me and Skylar could definitely hang out, she could teach me a few things about how to trim a tree :)

  3. Love the tree! Skylar has talent. You look tiny in the pic with her. Skinny, hot mama.

  4. Your tree looks great! And those pictures are adorable. :)

  5. Love that pic of you and Skylar. She looks like she's about to burst with happiness.

    My dad was the scrooge in my family. For some reason my siblings and I were never too cool for Christmas decorating. My parents made it a special night. My husband is the scrooge so now I decorate all alone. Can I borrow Skylar for an evening? LOL!

  6. Too adorable. I love that she is so into the spirit!


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