Thursday, September 29, 2011

peyton's 15th birfday!

celebrated peyton's 15th birthday today with family and my son's best friend.
diet coke cupcakes
(totally awesome check out my diet blog
misadventures of a chunky goddess for the link to the recipe --so worth it)
and lotsa laughs.

a perfect party!

happiest 15th birthday peyton! i ♥ u!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

HoLLa: Update on Life vol. 5

Happy Monday Blogdom!

So it’s been a few days since I wrote on here – been really busy with life, the whole weight watcher/gym thing, having
margaritas, spending an entire day bickering/brawling with Bri (grrrrr!), being a mommy to a ridiculously energetic two year old and two teenagers & all while being completely fabulous (snicker).
Cause that’s how I roll ya know…

Okay I gotta few questions to toss out there…
1. Why is that there are xmas trees in Walmart already? Saw them with my own eyes yesterday. Skylar thought they were wonderous – I nearly puked.
2. Why do you always run into someone you haven’t seen in a bazillion years that one time you decide to make a quick dash to pick up milk looking like medusa in ratty(ish) yoga pants & flip flops?
3. Why do some people always seem to look a gift horse in the mouth? Seriously – you are being given something out of the kindness of someone’s heart & you are going to question and critique it? Ah-friggen-may-zing!
4. Why do *old* people feel compelled to show me their bodily issues? I love my grandmother – but I do NOT need to see that *foot thing* you got going on. Wish I was making this one up. Ew!
5. Why do some people not realize that their child is a menace to society and it is not a phase? You have possible serial killer on your hands & it should be addressed.
6. And finally… why is it that some people do not realize that the problem is them? If your family, friends, and co-workers ALL have issue with you – I am guessing it is you?
Any insight is greatly appreciated!

So a little boo-boo update:
Remember this?
Skylar vs. bannister – bannister wins!

Then it progressed to this…
Swollen & freakin’ me out because she actually look different. :)
Then a nice bruise… if bruises are your thing and all?
Finally this is where we are at today.
SO much better. Swelling gone – leaving a nice yellowish bruise.
But still a very sore subject. If I ask her what happened she does this weird eye blinky thing and then makes a fake cry. Obviously she just cannot speak of such things…

So to end on a good note: I start tarot class with Angela @ her shop this week!!!!
OMGosh so excited.
I have been wanting to take this class since early this year – just with my job & life it never worked out. But now it does and I am making it a priority.
May sound silly to some? But I have always wanted to really learn how to read cards!

And finally – I think I am finally ready to have my tubes tied. We know we don’t want to have more babies – but choosing not to and being physically unable has been something I have oddly struggled with? I have been two times since Skylar was born to see my ob/gyn (a peach of a woman) about it and both times she told me I wasn’t ready.
I am ready now and with being out of work and Skylar not being quite so dependent on me – the time is right.
I am a bit leery about the procedure and all – any input out there?

Time to seize the day – we have had incredible weather here the past week or so – which is rumored to end this coming weekend. Gonna take Miss Sky outside and maybe to the park?

Friday, September 23, 2011

no more muffin top weekend blog hop -- vol.3

happy freakin' friday!!!
totally stolen word for word from my other blog...

misadventures of a chunky goddess

i love a good hop and with all the wonderful ones out there i thought it was time to create one of my own please link up your blog, giveaway, facebook, twitter, google+, whatever your little hearts desire.
no rules!!!!
of course it would be nice if ya followed me, rocked my button, and took the time to check out a blog or two.

this hop will run from friday thru sunday each weekend (when we dieters need the most support – or at least i do)! so show the bloggy world some l♥ve -- link up and pass the hop around!

be kind, return a follow, make friends, & have fun!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

keepin' company blog hop

cool hop on some cool blogs -- heck of a bunch and traci66-- oh and my other little diet blog -- misadventures of a chunky goddess -- is the #3 hoppy featured spot -- so w00ts!

please follow the two hosts -- and rockin' the button is always nice!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

boo-boo's, crock pot crap & pouts!

Hello blog-o-sphere!
Oy vey…
Ever have one-of-those-days?
Well yesterday was one-of-those-days…
It wasn’t a bad day – I refuse to have bad days anymore. It was just an off day!

It started off really good…
Coolness in the air so Skylar got to wear some new *fall-ish* duds – love this little outfit – from Target and wicked cheap! She looks so Parisian, no? Just missing the beret.

(this is me channeling my daughter into my inner carrie bradshaw – shhh!)

All was going well and whilst preparing the crock pot dish from hell for my
ROCK OUT with your CROCK OUT feature on that other blog I write.
No really it is the worst recipe ever and was a disaster… ugh!
But I digress…

Anywho… I am in the kitchen preparing the crock pot dish from hell and I hear a cry out and then major tears. I go walking into the living room and Skylar has clocked herself on the stair bannister…
It ultimately resulted in this…

(yeah she is pretty pissed & distraught as you can see – this is her infamous pouty face too.)

Her first major boo-boo and the center of our universe for the remainder of the day. If the subject was even breeched she would cry – so obviously traumatized. I felt so bad for her.
She has a nice lump – even a little worse today. It’s weird to look at her – she looks different even. Kinda freaks me out – but it could have been SO much worse!
Needless to say we are getting padding for the bottom of that bannister as this is the second
(and worst) time she has gotten hurt on that flippin’ thing!

The good news is that the day ended on a high note!
Skylar got a new Jasmine dress-up costume.
My mom spoils her rotten but oh my gosh this thing is cute huh?

(she loves dress-up, as do most little girls)

And she has been doing PHENOMENAL with the potty-training! It is amazing what stickers can do… heh! She only wears a pull-up at night and when she is out (shopping, etc.) for emergencies. I worry that she will be in the car and *hafta go*.
The only pitfall of potty-training is this…

(miss thang has no diaper to hold her pants up and well, she has been dropping trou all week!)

Also good…
I had Goddess Group last night and it was great. We have just been chatting about this and that – there are so many diversified ladies in the group with all different beliefs and such – so the conversations are always just awesome. Especially if you are open-minded for the paranormal and metaphysical.
Which I so am.
Maybe one day I will write about the ghost in my house.
Oh yes – we have a ghost – I have seen him!

AND… I am a weiner & got my prizes yesterday in the mail!
Thank you Sensual Ride!

(check out her amazing blog of all things sexy, erotic, and cool!)

My goodies…

(that’s right –!!)

So my off day ended with a bang!
(groannnn – bad joke I know!)

But today is a new day – and thus far no boo-boo’s, crock pot crap, or pouts!

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