Wednesday, December 21, 2011

photo mish-mash

so this is what's been going on in my neck of the woods...

our little angel -- sleeping on mommy & daddy's bed -- of course.
yeah -- she still comes in our bed.
but how can you say no to that face???
skylar had her 2 1/2 year check-up last week -- here she is looking like such a big girl waiting to see her doctor.
she is perfectly a-ok & healthy as can be.
we are so blessed.
dining room is decorated & looking oh-so-pretty!
sky's morning ritual -- propped up with pillows on mommy & daddy's bed, friends nearby & her frisbee with teddy grahams.
yes, teddy grahams for breakfast AND in a frisbee -- still.
please don't call dcyf on my less-than-desirable parenting skills.
if your child was as picky of an eater as skylar is you would allow them to eat whatever out of whatever too!
skylar the little artist!
her first time using paint & she did awesome!
skylar l♥ves anything artsy & crafty!
she got that gene from my mom & it obviously skips a generation...
mommy & skylar
with just 4 days until xmas i hope everyone is holding up...
not stressing too-too much...
and not getting caught up in the hype that we don't do enough.
we all do enough!

today we are off to see santa.
sky promises that she won't freak out & will sit on his lap.
i will believe it when i see it!


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