Thursday, June 30, 2011

THinGs I am L♥VIN' Thursday

HaPPy L♥VEfest!

Ya know what I am L♥VIN'?
The Photo Challenge!
I am L♥VIN' that today finishes this challenge only for me to restart it tomorrow with some fellow photogs from the company (Lifetouch) I work for. Curious? Check out the *a-photo-a-day* tab above. Care to join? Start tomorrow with Day One and let the fun commense!

I also...
L♥VE JiLLian

And I L♥VE her 30 Day Shred! I am currently on Day Four and going strong! (Detailed progress under my tab titled *shred*)

The Little White Dress = L♥VE

The Little Black Dress's long lost underrated cousin and the *new* go-to look and even MORE reasons to do the 30 Day Shred -- no more hiding behind black clothes!

L♥VE this photo...

I just wanna be this little girl -- so innocent and just happy to be with her Daddy in her Supergirl suit. Too stinkin' cute!!!

Chalkboard backsplash? Ummm yes -- L♥VE!!!

I swear whomever invented chalkboard spray paint is a GENIUS!!!

I L♥VE them -- especially Skylar's 1st BIG GIRL ponytail!
*beams with pride*

Shia LaBeouf...yeah, total jailbait but he looks so dirty good in his Details Magazine spread!

L♥VE me some Transformers too -- heard AWESOME things about the 3rd installment!

Can I live here?
You can come visit anytime!


Purple Goddess Nails?

What's not to L♥VE???

And finally...
I L♥VE my pool and how happy it makes my family!!!
And look at our littlest fish -- she is doing SUPERB with swimming!!!

What are you L♥Vin'????


And a VERY happy 83rd Birthday to my Grandmother who has given so much to our family. May ALL your wishes come true and your day be extra special!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Being a Southerner by birth (and in heart) along with a new Vegan – I HAD to make some black eye peas.
And how extra sa-weet that they actually cook AMAZINGLY in a crock-pot! Ya’ll know I SUPER DUPER L♥VE my crock-pot. So here is my recipe – although there are many variations out there for you carnivores. Honestly (and even Brian agreed) they tasted so *meaty* and delish like this and Brian swore I used some salt pork – but oh-no! No animals were harmed or consummed by making this crock-pot piece of heaven!

Vegetarian Black Eye Peas

1 lb dried black eye peas
4 cups vegetable broth
1 bay leaf
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 large onion chopped

Follow directions on black eye peas packaging for overnight soaking. Drain and place in crock pot and add broth, bay leaf, salt and pepper. Cook on low for nine hours. Add chopped onion and cook on low for one more hour. Serve over rice with the garnish (hot sauce, fresh chopped parsley, green onion) of your choice.


I will be making this again and often – easy, healthy (155 calories & 1 gram of fat per cup), and delish – YES! YES! YES!!!!

Eat up!

Wordless Wednesday

Link up below, play along, and meet other SUPER COOL bloGGers!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Motivational Monday...

HaPPy MoNdAy!

After yesterday’s post outta sheer frustration (and THANK YOU for all the encouraging comments – I am so VERY appreciative!) I decided that it was time to stop boo-hooing about it all and DO SOMETHING already!

Hence the picture for Motivational Monday.
It rang so true!

So I am back to tracking my food – every little morsel – on
Sparkpeople! (I am Purple_Goddess if ya wanna say hi!)
I am back to eating strictly vegan – no excuses!
NO SODA – not even diet!
MORE water!
I started
Jillian Micahels 30 Day Shred today.

In a word – wow.
No really – it is the most unassuming yet KICKASS workout I have ever done. It’s pretty old school in some respects but it will leave you wondering what the heck just happened to ya!
I mean granted I am not in the best shape of my life, but I am certainly no slack. I have been exercising pretty regularly and consider my work *physical*.
But it was the most intense 20 minutes I have had in a VERY long time!

But I did it and didn’t slack – and for that much; I am SUPER stoked and proud.

I plan on doing the program for the 30 days (as is suggested by it’s title) and will track my progress here (of course) as well as a new tab I created under my header titled *shred* where I will post pics, stats, and whatever else comes to mind.

I am psyched to challenge myself in this way and I really hope it’s the kick in the pants I need to get myself past this plateau/hump/slump!

KeeP MoTivaTed PeePs

Think I will look like this when the 30 days are done?


Sunday, June 26, 2011

HoLLa: Weight Loss Update


So let’s get down to biz…
On Friday’s weigh-in I was up .4 lbs.
Boo Hiss!
No, I am not happy about it…
And I am wicked frustrated…
But I know what I did right and what I did wrong and obviously I wasn’t on task last week (again).

What I did right…
I did stick to my vegetarian diet -- I slacked on being a diligent vegan with some pizza again. (Ugh!)

What I did wrong…
I didn’t go the gym ONCE last week.
I didn’t track my food ONCE.
I didn’t watch my portions – which means I overate.

I actually had two evenings where I was in physical pain for eating too much. And honestly – I thought I was so over that?
But I think I am doing some *emotional eating* lately.
Work has been stressful.
Skylar has been VERY demanding and had one day this week where I literally looked at her and said, “who are you???”.
And Brian and I have let all the *life stuff* get to us which equates to bickering. And I hate when we use each other as an emotional punching bag. So uncool!

I suppose considering how *wrong* my week went I should be happy that all I gained was .4lbs!

But ack – I am going in the wrong dang direction!!!

All I can do is recognize my mistakes, learn from them, and move on!

So this week I will regroup…
I will track my food.
Measure portions.
Go to the gym at least three times. (Already made it once!)
And make a conscious effort to maintain my vegan diet!

I was hoping I was at a point in my life where I could just do this without having to track food and be so *in the moment* where dieting and weight loss are concerned. But obviuosly I am just not ready for that?
And I need to adjust myself to the fact that all of this may never become second nature to me…

I know it sounds like I am being maybe a wee bit hard on myself – but I feel like I am never going to get past this weight? A year ago I did Weight Watchers faithfully. I tracked, counted points, and attended my weekly meetings and weigh-in. I did AMAZING the first two months – losing weight consistantly and I was feeling superb. Then I just stopped? I kept doing the things I had been doing and never seemed to get past the plateu? And here I am again at that same weight and struggling? I cannot figure out what it is about this point in my weight loss that stumps me?
I have lost weight before.
I lost 55lbs in 2008 on Weight Watchers and looked better at age 38 than I did at age 28! So I know what to do and that it can be done.

I dunno if it’s an age thing?
Or the fact that I had a baby (Miss Skylar) since then?
Or the fact that I no longer am a smoker? I quit a 20+ year habit when I prego with Skylar and I never went back.
And yeah – that’s sort of a cop-out and I would NEVER go back to smoking – but it is a proven fact that a 25lb. weight gain is normal when you quit a lifelong smoking habit. And oddly this weight I cannot surpass it my pre-pregnancy weight plus 25lbs!?!?!
Grrrr… so aggrevating!

I am not asking to be a SuperModel or a size 2.
I want to be at a healthy weight and BMI – the highest point on the scale for someone my age and height even.
I want to feel comfy in my own skin and in my clothes again!
I don’t think that is too much to ask…

And more than anything – I want to lead by example.
I want to show my children that by living a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain a healthy weight and live a quality life well into the later years of your life!
I am not saying they need to go vegan (although that would be nice) but I want them to be conscious of what they do and put into their bodies.

I just do the best I can…
My intentions are nothing but the absolute best and my beliefs teach me that putting out good intentions is the first step to attaining what you want…

This week WILL be a better week!

Friday, June 24, 2011

FaMiLy NiTe OuT

Last night was SO much stinkin’ fun!!!
I cannot speak for the men folk – but I had a blast! And nothing makes me happier than being with my guys!

Dinner was YuMMo!



Chopstick war!

Brian and his kiwi-stache... *heh*


Us -- sad that we have so few pics together!

After dinner we went to the movies to see The Green Lantern. (The boys saw the new Xmen movie because they saw The Green Lantern last weekend with their friends).
Oh and did I mention we saw it in 3D? Brian’s very first 3D movie ever I might add!
Yeah I know… how can a major movie buff like Brian be 37 years old and have never seen a 3D movie?
But he hasn’t… and let’s just say, he is *ruined* for life now and only wants to see movies in 3D!

The movie was great – but we are comic book/super hero/action movie types. And I have to admit that I wasn’t really in the know about The Green Lantern – his story, background, abilities, etc. So it was kinda refreshing to go into a movie and be awed and enlightened!

And Ryan Reynolds – good lordy – his body is RIDICULOUS! He looked SUPER hot in that green suit that clung to every inch of his SUPER DUPER chiseled bod!
*fans self*

And of course Brian had to pose in front of the life-size posters – L♥VE it!

Yep – Transformers! I wasn’t overly hyped to see it but I have to admit the trailer (in 3D no less) last night sold me. It looks phenomenal and we will go see it in 3D too!!!
Mark your calendars – June 29th! Although I would never get caught dead in a theater on opening night – a true sign of old age – sigh!

A great night and something we need to make a point of doing more often despite all of our busy lives!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

THinGs I am L♥VIN' Thursday

Happy Thursday!

I am SO very excited for today! Well tonight actually! We are having a belated Father’s Day celebration and going to our favorite Chinese restaurant and to see The Green Lantern! We, being myself, Brian, and my two sons, Hunter and Peyton!!
a) We need a night out (so what if we will be home by 9:30pm – out is out!)
b) Brian and I haven’t been to the movies since I was preggo with Skylar!
c) We haven’t been out with just the boys since I was preggo with Skylar as well. Granted they are teenagers and a night out with their Mom and Step-Dad might not be the highlight of their week – but they need this special time with us!
So yeah…
I am totally L♥VIN’ our plans for tonight!

I am also L♥VIN’ summer!

Happy (belated) Summer Solstice!! May your summer be filled swimming, popsicles, fireworks, BBQ's, friends, family, tasty beverages, watermelon and MANY blessings!

I am majorly L♥VIN’ some Trader Joe’s Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce!

This stuff rocks.
No, really it ROCKS!
I made it with some fresh veggies and served it over basmati rice!
It’s zippy without being overpowering and has such a fresh taste! It’s my newest obsession! I want curry simmer sauce on EVERYTHING!
They have other varieties as well – which I cannot wait to try!

I am not a big Cameron Diaz fan – but I am L♥VIN’ her style!

I would wear ANY of these outfits. (She has a rockin’ bod!)

L♥VIN’ these painted stairs (courtesy of Country Living).

I can totally see these in a beach house – or better yet, Key West!
Yes, count me in!

I am SOOOOOOOOOO L♥VIN’ Actress Evan Rachel Wood’s new drastic haircut!

Seriously – I would chop my hair in a NY minute if I knew it would look like this.
I truly hope she knows how amazing her stylist is – cause this haircut is kickass!!!

Finally – I will end with something utterly cool.

Meet Naki'o –
The Bionic Dog!!
What an amazing story – how can you not L♥VE him?!?!?!

Ooodles of L♥VE~

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Link up below and join the fun!!!

GiVeAwAy WiNNeR!

First of all – thanks to everyone who participated in my very FIRST GiVeAwAy – I wish I had a goodie for you all!

But the winner is…
Via (sorry I couldn't get the actual generator box to post??) was #25

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

June 15, 2011 12:38 PM

Congrats to Amy @
Giveaway Girly!
I am off to email the good news!!!

Thanks again everyone!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Here is the link to enter my GiVeAwAy!!!

HoLLa: Weight Loss Update

Yeah I have been outta the blog-o-sphere loop for the past few days – but I work the majority of my hours on the weekend – and there just aren’t enough hours in a day. Or a weekend for that matter…
Sadly, I also haven’t made a HoLLa: Weight Lose Update post in a little over two weeks. No excuse really other than a bevy of STUFF going on (bdays, father’s day, end of school, work, life).

But I did weigh-in on Friday and I am up 1.6; which I expected. I haven’t watched my portions and the gym is this place that has eluded my thoughts and certainly my actions.
So yeah – I have been lackadaisical and have no one to blame but myself.
And I have to be honest (because if I cannot be honest in my own thoughts, words, writing – then where can I be?) – I have gotten really discouraged lately. I was hitting the gym hard, really watching my diet to the point of adopting a total vegan diet, watching my portions by tracking every morsel that enters my mouth, and I guess I just expected the weight to be pouring off of me?
I am losing – but I guess I want it to come off faster and in bigger intervals?
So I needed to not think about it so much for a couple of weeks – and well – we see where that got me. So as much as I may wish it come off faster – even a slower weight loss is ALWAYS better than a weight gain!

Live and learn!

I am proud to say that last week (the 16th) made two months since eating any meat. I wish I could say the same about being totally vegan. I would say 98% of the time I am – but I have slipped here and there with a cupcake (or two) for Skylar’s bday and some pizza yesterday outta sheer hunger and laziness.
Once again – live and learn.
I may not be 100% vegan – but I am trying and it is a learning and accepting process. Who would have thought that cutting out dairy would be so much harder than meat? Not having meat hasn’t bothered me in the least.

Moving along…

So here is Skylar in just a small taste of the many outfits she got for her birthday. My daughter is SUCH the girlie-girl. She picks out her outfits (I give her two choices otherwise we would NEVER get dressed) and accessories every day. She has gotten into the habit of posing for a photo in her outfits… to the point of wanting a photo of herself in her new Hello Kitty bathing suit (so cute!!!) and nightgown (her first BIG GIRL nightgown mind you).

So yesterday was Father’s Day!

And because Brian is SUCH a huge UFC fan – I had to make his day by taking some pics of Skylar in his favorite hat!

Oh a side note:
Brian and I had a HORRIBLE fight yesterday. *frown*
Over something so stupid (of course) – which led to more stupid things being said and so on and so on.
I could write a novel about the things Brian and I have endured in the relatively short time we have been together. In so many ways I feel like he and I have lived a LIFETIME in just three short years. I am sure we aren’t the only couple to feel this way.
We truly fell in love with each other at first sight and four months later I was pregnant with Skylar. Yeah – a whirlwind *romance* to say the least.
Three months before Skylar was born we lost everything thanks to this LOVERLY economy – Brian’s business, house, and car. It was devastating -- probably one of, if not THE, worst times in our lives.
Things have gotten better – although we have yet to fully bounce back. And sometimes I am frustrated with our situation and it pours over into our relationship. I think that is only natural?
But as Brian said last night – we are too old to be fighting like two kids. And he is so right. I am over this turmoil in my life. I love this man and I want us to be a family and having ridiculous fights like we did yesterday is just so beneath us.

I am not saying we will never squabble or bicker – we do that daily. But for things to escalate to the level they did yesterday – that just cannot happen again.
So today I vow to live in the moment and to leave the past where it lies…
I need to stop waiting for *better times* and revel THESE times!

With that being said – here is Motivational Monday (another feature I ignored last week – sorry Miss Skylar’s Bday took center stage!)

One last thing – if ya haven’t already – be sure to enter my VERY first
GiVeAwAy!!! You have until midnight TOMORROW to get those entries in!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

THinGs I am L♥VIN' Thursday

HaPPy ThurSdaY!

So lemme start the lovefest with this…
In my family birthdays are a BIG deal.
We believe that when it’s your day you are flourished with love and attention and that you deserve MANY celebrations that focus on YOU!
Skylar being no exception.
So besides having a
Cinderella Birthday Bash and a trip to the ZOO, she also had a small family birthday party on her actual day; June 14th!
A Kai-Lan party nonetheless!

I give MAD PROPS to my entire entourage for having some serious spirit and donning these party hats!

Oh and a *purple goddess* Barbie???
L♥VE IT!!!!

Next -- Mr. Reynolds – Purrr!

All the hype over The Green Lantern; it only seems fitting I give him some due L♥VE.
And ScarJo?
What the frig were ya thinkin’?


JKRowling has started a new website titled
Pottermore and a Twitter account as well. There is nothing much to either but speculation in the world of the Harry Potter obsessed (guilty!) is that there is another book in the works?


L♥VE this
tutorial for this super cute necklace I found via Tip Junkie (LOVE this blog/Facebook page).

I want to make one for every Mommy I know!
Maybe I will?

Moving along…
Rosie Huntington Whiteley – the former Victoria Secrets model turned actress who is replacing (whom I think is HIGHLY overrated) Megan Fox in the new Transformer flick titled
Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Here she is before her appearance on Letterman looking SUPER Ahhh-may-zeeeng!
Yeah, she has that weird lip thing going on – but she works it and like I said – I am not a huge Megan Fox fan. I am curious to see how she pulls off this mega-role! Plus she just topped Maxim's Hot 100!

Transformers are BIG in my house – just check out
Brian’s 37th Birthday.

Need I say more?

Yeah I do…

And no one wants to be old; especially this chica!
Turn it up!

One last thing – if ya haven’t already – be sure to enter my VERY first
GiVeAwAy!!! You have until June 21st to get those entries in!<

Blessed Be…

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