Monday, October 31, 2011

HoLLa: Update on Life vol.8

once again i have let time lapse since writing... oops!
just too much on my plate & it seems like everyone in my house has passed around a pretty nasty flu bug to boot back & forth. today is the first day in a week that i feel semi-human.

so this past thursday i saw the new therapist & while i am trying really hard to keep an open mind about it all; it really amazes me that someone who has met me once -- for a little over an hour & basically got a quick synopsis of my 41 years
(and i have lived a lot in my 41 years) -- can give me a *diagnosis*?
and a *diagnosis* that i am not sure i entirely agree with.
she has labeled me as having a *mood disorder* which is one miniscule step above bi-polar disorder.
yeah i have my moments & in my past i have done so effed up stuff that could very easily be deemed as self-destructive but... i don't think my condition
(whatever that may be) is as severe as she seems to think. nothing against anyone who is bi-polar as i am sure it is very misunderstood like all mental/emotional disorders are… but what the phuck?

but she has referred me to someone else to have a medicine evalutation to make sure i am on the right meds because she seems to think i am totally on the wrong meds & wants a second opinion.
this is exactly where i don't wanna be.
flip-floppin between *professionals* who cannot decide what *disorder* i have & who wanna play medicine guinea pig with me.
nope not happenin!
but i will semi-play along. i will go to the referral and see what she has to say but i am not playing russian roulette with a bevy of meds that will do gawd knows what to me?
frig that noise!

and what irks me is that i thought i was on the right path with the wellbutrin? i thought this was a therapy session? not a mental evaluation!
have i mentioned how much i really distrust people in the mental health field before?!?!?!
grrrr… so irritating! but let’s move on!

weight watchers is goin great…
30 day shred is going amazing…
i am down 12.4 lbs total & feeling pretty damn good about that! i wanted to lose about 6 lbs a month & so far i am ahead of the game so that is a very good thing.
bri is great.
kids are great.
all is well… minus the snow we had over the weekend.
already? really?
ick! but there was a cool bday party to attend!
and i did run into two of my friends i havent seen in eons over the weekend – so all really is well! (the three redhead amigas ride again!)

and halloween cookies & dress-up always make life better as well!

and all the other random stuff in between...

because i most certainly cannot complain & despite what one random *therapist* says – i am very content with life & the path it is currently leading my on!

happy halloween peeps!
(you know i will be posting a buttload of photos from today at some point this week -- consider yourselves warned!)

wanna know more about my weight loss journey, weight watchers, and/or my quest to complete jillian michaels 30 day shred?
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HoLLa: Update on Life vol.7

I know I have totally been ignoring this blog – I sucketh, what can I say?

In my defense – I have had a lot of my plate lately.
• Defiant teenagers who are trying to either drive me to the brink of insanity or make me an alcoholic.
• An over-active precocious two year old who needs constant stimulation.
• Never-ending tedious stuff – laundry, dishes, grocery shopping.
• Trying to keep myself on track with Weight Watchers & working out – which is a HUGE priority for me.
• Making Brian & Cyn time – because he needs me as much as anyone else in my house. And I need him too of course!
• My social life which is coming back from the dead – funny how feeling good about yourself again can make you want to get back into the world.
• My spiritual side which I left dormant @ the wayside months ago – I have missed my candles, meditations, & spellwork. It grounds me & I need grounding!

I know there are others out in the world who probably have ten times the amount of things on their plates – but keep in mind that my plate has been so cracked & half-broken for so long with me being in the depths of depression & I am just now getting back to mending the plate & being able to juggle more than a few things without completely melting down!
So yay for that much at least.
Chaos is actually progress for me!!!

Speaking of progress – I see my new therapist next week.
I am trying to be positive – but ack! I haven’t had the best luck with therapy in the past.
Once had a therapist try to *save* me by telling me I needed Jesus in my life.
True effin’ story.
Can you believe that shit? If I wasn’t 20-something (
oh yeah I have been messed up for a long time… heh) I probably would have reported her -- to where or whom – who knows?
Did I mention that I am trying to stay positive?

Okay let’s jump to another topic – because I am so obviously all over the place today.
Skylar has her library reading/play group every Wednesday & it is the one thing she looks forward to. And it is such a cute program – the librarian is wonderful & they do the cutest craft project at the end of story time.
Well this year there is a new kid in the group & normally I never refer to kiddos
(other than my own of course – heh) to *spawn of satan* but if this child was a robot her (yes, it’s a little girl) name would be DESTRUCTOR!
And really it isn’t her fault – it is her dumbass mother’s who sits there while she tears up the play area, library, and reading room and says NOTHING. It is her who sits there while she literally lays on other children & terrorizes the two mothers who come with infants in tow and says NOTHING. It is her who sits there while the librarian asks the little demon girl to sit down over and over because she is disrupting the reading time & tears things right out of the librarian’s hands and says NOTHING.
Seriously I keep hoping Mute Mom & DESTRUCTOR won’t show – but sure as shit they are ALWAYS there.
And what do you do in this situation? Are you THAT parent who complains & puts the librarian in the position to have to *talk* to Mute Mom?
Parents who let their children be little buttheads just piss me off.
And it isn’t fair to the kids like my daughter who really want to enjoy the experience & interact.
Mute Mom sucks!

Moving along…
We are just NOW finally getting some fall weather.
Goddess Group ghost hunt happened last night but I had to miss it – car/ride issues.
So bummed.
I will get in on another ghost hunt because apparently they had sucha great time that they are planning another.

I have been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – on day 10 – and it is an ass-kicking killer workout. I highly recommend it!

Well to end this crazy post on a high note…
Skylar is NUTSO about La La Loopsy.
(Doncha l♥ve her shit – got it @ Kmart for $7!)

La La Loopsy was #1 on her Xmas list to Santa last year – and this year it is the La La Loopsy treehouse & bus.
Never enough La La Loopsy in Skylar’s world…

There ya have it – sorry this is sucha schiztoid post!

Happy HuMp DaY!

wanna know more about my weight loss journey, weight watchers, and/or my quest to complete jillian michaels 30 day shred?
check out my diet blog --
misadventures of a chunky goddess.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

a week in the life of miss skylar...

i have been wanting to post photos for dayssss...
crazy week... errrr life!

but here goes...
a week in the life of miss skylar!
reading group @ library. she loves doing the craft project! we learned about owls that day...
skylar made a halloween necklace & lemme tell ya -- miss crafty pants did the majority of it all on her lonesome! she amazes me!
decorating for halloween!
our little drummer girl!
just a beautiful fall day spent outside this past week!

ust too stinkin' cute with her buckets she decorated with stickers -- my child l♥ves stickers!
lovin' her new muno & foofa toys -- she still loves yo gabba gabba!

there ya have it... promise to make a point to actually blog about life & such! just a crazy time of year!

Friday, October 14, 2011


TGIF Bloggywood!

So today is the Pay it Forward Blogfest!
Here is the original
post by The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment, one of the two hosts – check it out as it has all of the details & such!
But basically the idea of this blogfest is to introduce everyone on the linky to three of your favorite bloggers who might fall under the radar and not receive the recognition you think they deserve. Or you can totally just shout out to three blogs ya love. Either way – the hosts are encouraging everyone to take a little time and really peruse a blog or two
(or 225 – wow lotta peeps linked up!).
I read a pretty diversified list of blogs regularly – but am always looking for someone new to lurk upon!

So with that being said… lemme introduce you to the three blogs/bloggers who I must give mad props to… and some are actually peeps I have met via my other blog
(yeah that diet one I am yappin’ about all the time)
misadventures of a chunky goddess.

1. Nicole @
4 Boys and 2 Divas. She is a newer blogger and I just adore how she blogs & vlogs. She rocks & is kind enough to be doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred with me & being so real & honest about the process. You cannot help but l♥ve her!
2. Foxy Coxy & Hot Coco @
(Victorious Secret) From Flab to Fab. These two fellow Weight Watcher junkies cover it all – the trials, tribulations & highs of the Weight Watcher journey along with ah-may-zing healthy recipes & their take on life. Go check ‘em out fo’ sho’!
3. And last but never least – my dearest bloggy friend Ms. Marie @
The Dancing Paralegal. We met on the Weight Watcher site via their blogs & honestly I cannot remember who traveled over to blogger first? I wanna say it was her because she wanted to swear and Weight Watchers online won’t even let you say beaver (in the animal context) without censoring your ass. Anywho… we both migrated over to the Land of Adult Blogging & have been giving each other the bloggy l♥ve ever since. Her blog rocks & her series on her recent trip to Europe is just amazing & gives me major world traveler envy!

Go give my girls some much deserved bloggy l♥ve!

There ya have it… hop ‘til ya drop!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

pay it forward blogfest!


So I was catching up/reading my favorite blogs
( I have MANY) this morning & I came across
a daft scots lass (lurve her blog!) & her post about a superb hop/blogfest going on tomorrow – so I had to give it a shout out of course.

Here is the original
post by The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment, one of the two hosts – check it out as it has all of the details & such!
Go and show both hosts some bloggy l♥ve!

Happy Thursday bloggy peeps!

Wanna know more about my weight loss journey, Weight Watchers, and/or my quest to complete Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred?
Check out my diet blog --
misadventures of a chunky goddess.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

homage: the sage cauldron


So it’s been quite some time since I have posted anything remotely related to Goddess Group and/or my Pagan-esque ways.
And well…
It’s time!

***A little fyi – I have hyperlinked some of the terms in an effort to save time by extensive explanantions. Plus I am far from an expert about anything and certainly do not want to give false information – and in this realm – the information is VAST. So I have linked to a website I think best describes what I am talking about even in a round about way -- we are a pretty liberal group and tend to do things in a more casual way – but these websites will give you a general idea.

I am a very lucky gal…
Not only do I get to congregate with a group (
our ah-may-zing
Goddess Group) of awesome like-minded women where we can be ourselves and discuss whatever topics we like without being given a disapproving side eye – but the group and the metaphysical shop where Goddess Group is held is the brilliant original idea by my best friend Angela (and I gotta give props to her hubby James too).
Yeah – how cool is that?
For those who are not Pagan – trust me, finding like-minded people is hard enough – but a place to hang, talk, purchase magical/metaphysical items, and just be is far and few between!
The Sage Cauldron (link to their website – please check them out.) is all that and more…

You ever walk into somewhere and just feel all cozy & homey?
That’s how I felt the first time I stepped foot in their shop.
(love her coolio ecclectic corkboard – recognize any babies on there? yup, that would be Skylar!)
The smells of herbs, handpoured oils, & incense and the overall aura is just (for a lack of a better word) pure goodness.
Added to the goodness is Goddess Group of course and the classes they offer – I am currently in the midst of a tarot class – plus I have taken classes on herbal magic, candle magic, how to build an altar, and moon magic.

So last night at Goddess Group we had a semi-formal
Full Moon Circle as it was the Hunter’s Moon and all.
(here is the moon – although I never have good luck getting good moon shots…)

We made our altar in celebration of the fall – each of bringing decorations as well as personal item to charge with the positive energy of the circle
(here is the altar – and yes, that little blue book is my Weight Watcher weigh-in record – I need all the positive energy I can get!)
(here are some fun photos I took – a little swirly to protect the identity of my fellow goddesses.)
I also took some random photos throughout our evening in hopes of possible catching some orbs -- which I have during previous events held at The Sage Cauldron. And last night was no exception. I had many more photos but they include my goddesses and well, I am not the type to ever post photos without someone’s permission.
(you can see the orbs varried throughout the photo – this area, which is where we conduct Goddess Group, is typically where I get some of the best orb photos in the shop.)
(this photo was actually taken before we cast the circle and invited spirits to join us.)

It was a special evening with a lot of positive energy – as always.

I am so fortunate to have my friend, Angela Lou, Goddess Group, and The Sage Cauldron!
(Ange & I taken 10/7/2011 – our nite out & about!)

Oooh – and next Tuesday for Goddess Group, we are going on a ghost hunt to a local cemetary.
Cool Beans!!!

Blessed be…

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