Sunday, January 22, 2012

my blog is moving!

in an effort to save time -- i copied this directly from my other blog...

day: 140
merry sunday blogdom!

well after many snafu’s, the inability to read a good portion of my fave blog’s let alone comment on them & the final straw where i can’t even edit my own freakin’ posts – i am bailing on blogger.
it’s been fun & blogger is certainly the best format to learn the in’s & out’s of bloggin (not that i am some expert – far from it) – but it’s time to move on down the road.
plus it’s cool to be a dot com now!
i hope you guys will still follow along – i will be following all of my faves still & commenting as always.

because i am not a blogspot blogger – you won’t be able to follow me in the traditional way.
so i have some coolio options for ya!
1. you can sign up for email notifications of new posts.
2. add me to your blogroll.
3. follow me on google+ .
4. or even facebook?
5. or twitter?
6. or ALL five!
whatever blows your skirt up !

so without further adieu…
here is my new location:
or just click here to go right there!
everything from this blog was imported to the new site -- i am still under construction & researching web hosts – but i can do the basic bloggin’ as is.
i will never delete my blogger blogs but the new blog will be the only blog i will be posting in from now on – even my purple goddess blog is going dark.

so adios blogger --- i will always have a soft spot for ya no matter how much of a spiteful, heartless whore you may be…

peace, l♥ve & margaritas bloggy peeps!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

snow day...

we have had the mildest winter i can ever remember for rhode island.

so much to skylar's delight...

we woke up to this yesterday morning...

yay! snow day!!!
bundled up & doing her best randy from *a christmas story* impression...
but wayyyyy cuter! who can resist this face?!?!

snowball fight with daddy -- skylar wins of course!
making snow angels -- although the snow was more like slush...

a fun day in the snow/slush!
of course by this morning it was all gone.
now we are on a *snow watch* because skylar is bound & determined to build a snowman this year!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

HoLLa: Update on Life vol.11

happy sunday ya’ll!

well things seem to be getting back to *normal* here at casa de goddess…
although the week started like this…
lots of jammies (lalaloopsy jammies i might add) & snuggies (my grandmother bought me the zebra snuggie for xmas & skylar LOVES it).
and letting my daughter eat whatever she wants – case in point; her beloved funyons!!!

but things got better – more smiles & less fussiness.
and lemme tell ya – miss skylar brought fussiness to a whole NEW level! even though she was on the mend she was definitely just worn down from being SO sick for a week. she spent one whole day crying, screaming, and throwing temper tantrums over everything from what to eat to what to wear. it was not the best day ever but we survived & thankfully she is back to eating pretty normally (for her at least as she is the pickiest eater ever), sleeping better, & her usual chipper self.
then yesterday we saw these @ our local wally world & seeing how skylar’s world revolves around lalaloopsy – we had to buy them! ($6.00 and oh-so-cute plus this mama doesn’t bake so it was a steal!)

happiness = eating a lalaloopsy cupcake!
ohhh & because miss thing refuses to get icing on her fingers she eats them like a dog… heh! yeah, it makes no sense to us either – but skylar is without a doubt one-of-a-kind!!

so yay for my little skylar rockets getting better & being her usual crazy daisy self!

on a side note:
the wedding plans are back on!
yeah i know i have said this before & i have been draggin’ my feet & all that jazz. i haven’t even mentioned it on this blog since LAST april – wow! i had even bought my
dress! and finally i admitted the real reason i was stalling – wrote about it here on my diet blog -- misadventures of a chunky goddess.

well after dropping 26+ lbs. i can FINALLY not only get the dress over my ass but i can zip it up too! woohoo!
so yeah – i am a vain as hell but i want to feel & look my best on my special day.
and i am back into the *wedding plans* frame of mind – even though i COMPLETELY lack the bride gene. no dates have been set – i am still trying to digest the fact that I CAN FIT INTO MY DRESS!!!

my sons are pretty much mia most of the time. they have mutual friends (which i am SO happy about) so they are always off at this one or that one’s house. i can distinctly remember being their age & wanting to be anywhere but home – i guess it’s just a teenage thing? but i do insist that every tuesday & thursday night they are home for dinner & we have a SIT DOWN meal where we can all converse & interact as a family. they do it willingly & it’s one of the highlights of my week at least! and skylar’s – she loves her big brothers SO much!

i think that about sums up life as we know it…

wanna know more about my weight loss journey, weight watchers, progress photos & exercise regimen?
check out my diet blog --
misadventures of a chunky goddess. (warning: this blog does contain abundant profanity & a no hold’s bar look @ my journey!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

on the mend...

while the *bad belly bug of 2012* seems to be on it's way out -- we are still reeling from it's nastiness.
miss skylar is definitely MUCH better than she was but is still very leery about eating. my pediatrician assures me this is normal & it may take a few more days for her to come around -- but ack!
we will be keeping ourselves home this week -- no library or ventures out & about. no need to pass this on or re-catch it.
from what i hear -- this upper GI infection is abundant & super icky!
ya'll best be purell'ing like a mofo!

merry germ-free environment bloggy peeps!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

a trip to the ER...

i wrote yesterday about how skylar had a hellacious stomach bug...
at the time i posted she seemed to be on the mend & then last night she seemed to regress. she was crying in pain (i assume hunger pains from not eating for 48 hours) & was actually asking me for medicine to make her feel better -- which just broke my heart.
i decided it was time for the ER -- i mean despite what my pediatrician said that as long as she was drinking the bug should run it's course. well, i am sorry but all i could help but wonder is how a two year old little girl could go two days with barely eating & not consumming nearly enough fluids???
and i would always rather be safe than sorry!

tell me that this isn't the saddest face ever? but oddly enough she was SUCH a trooper -- i am still in awe over how good she was! she was terrified of the doctor but i think it was simply because he was a man & her doctor is a woman. because she was absolutely fine with all of the nurses & did anything they asked of her.
what a trooper smiling for the camera.
yeah, i am THAT mom who takes photos of her child in the ER.
the doctor said she had mild dehydration but that in someone so little it could turn serious quickly so it was best that we had brought her in. they gave her nausea medication to help her keep fluids down & after a popsicle & a couple hours of observation we were sent home.
she is tired, still not eating like she should -- but drinking better, has some of her color back & is in much better spirits.
she is not 100% but getting there!

i have been spoiled as a mother -- all three of my kids have rarely been sick & last night was the first time i have ever had to make a trip to the ER for any of them. and i pray this is the last because seeing my child so sick & lying on that gurney while i felt so utterly helpless was pure torture!!!!

now brian is sick -- so obviously this bug hasn't quite been exorcised outta my house & i will be spending the next few days hosing the house down with lysol!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

HoLLa: Update on Life vol.10

so it’s been awhile since i posted a HOLLA update. i have been so busy with the holidays (and the downer aftermath), my weight loss blog, kids, bri, life in general, & trying to stay motivated on my quest to get fit!
it hasn’t been easy – ain’t even gonna lie!
but it’s been a good week nonetheless…
skylar has been a little crazy – but i think it’s a combo of the crazies leftover from xmas & just being a precocious 2 ½ year old little diva girl. (everyone told me how different girls are from boys – i am now coming to realize just how different they meant!)
(she looks SO big here… wowies!)
(sky could live on funyons –sadly)
(the many silly faces of skylar!)
all considering – she is still sucha good girl – she just has her moments – but don’t we all?

then on thursday this happened outta the blue…
(got the flu but still gorgeous as always)
sky got some sorta stomach bug & lemme tell ya it was no fun for any of us – especially her. add to the fact that the only thing this child eats faithfully is yogurt & the doctor said no dairy – life is just increasingly peachy keen… heh!
i feel like the world’s worst mama letting my daughter survive on pringles & ginger ale for the past two days but at least she is eating & drinking!

despite the flu invading our home & taking my poor little gal captive – there have been some happier moments this week.
at my weight watcher weigh-in yesterday i lost 2.8lbs bringing me to 26lbs lost total & i got this beauty…
my 25lb. charm to go with my 10% keychain & 16 week charm!
kinda silly but for us weight watcher junkies – this thing means the world! just like the little stickers we get @ meetings!

my journey since september 5th has truly been a transformation. tomorrow marks 90 days of consequetive exercise & i am eating vegan 99% (minus the eggs in holiday cookies) of the time. but i think the biggest change is that i am passionate about this & it has transcended into so many other facets of my life.
i want to be this passionate about EVERYTHING!
and it was so nice not to have *lose weight* at the top of my resolutions this year – i am already doing it!
i feel like i spent so much time trying to get HERE & it feels so freakin’ good to finally feel in control of my life & my body again!
i know i have said this before but…
life just gets better & better day by day!

and there ya have it dear bloggy peeps!

wanna know more about my weight loss journey, weight watchers, progress photos & exercise regimen?
check out my diet blog --
misadventures of a chunky goddess.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello 2012

our new year's eve was spent with family & friends...

the day was mellow & a bit odd for me as my sons were @ their father's this weekend
(yup; they are 17 & 15 and still go to their dad's every other weekend) & this was the 1st n.y.e they weren't here...

our beautiful girl...

in our house the kiddos get presents for just about every holiday...
but that's why we have children -- to spoil & love them endlessly!

she loved her new year's hat!

for skylar -- it's ALL about lalaloopsy!
she has a whole lalaloopsy village now!

family pose -- can ya tell i am telling skylar to smile while i am smiling?
why do we mothers do that?
i look like this in just about every family photo -- heh.

daddy looking super spiffy & his girl!

mommy & skylar

for me -- it's ALL about the shoes & it was a leopard shoe type of night!

we went to my best friend's house for a little soirree!
brian & i have not been out for n.y.e in at least 3 years & we had SO much fun!
(a little too much fun for me which i paid for today -- oy i just can't hang anymore!)

angela & james -- love these peeps with all my ♥!

my sexyass hunny! ♥ brian ♥

bff's -- ange & i have seen many a new year together -- it was good to be back in the n.y.e party mode with her!

world's worst self-photo... heh!

*wolf whistle*

rock on -- party on!

welcoming 2012 with open arms & a plan to stay on my current path because life is increasinly wonderful day by day!

merry new year!

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