Thursday, April 28, 2011

41 wishes for my 41st birthday…

1. Get married
2. Hit my goal weight for my wedding
3. ROCK my wedding dress
4. Take Brian’s breath away
5. Put myself first when I need to and not feel guilty about it
6. Focus on my craft
7. Keep my gym/workout/exercise momentum going
8. Pick my battles more wisely
9. Be nice
10. Love more
11. Laugh more
12. Have fun A LOT more
13. Be more conscious of what goes in AND out of my mouth
14. Continue on the vegetarian/vegan path
15. Drink more water
16. Go to the beach this summer
17. Moisturize daily
18. Move
19. Eat WAY less sweets
20. Get new glasses
21. Learn yoga
22. Get my first pedicure
23. Go to a museum
24. Dress up more often
25. Read more
26. Redecorate my bedroom
27. Learn the tarot
28. Donate more
29. Plant/grow something
30. Run
31. Have a past life reading
32. Keep *date night* alive
33. Learn to let go of the that which I truly cannot control
34. Hug my kids a little tighter each day
35. Attend a concert
36. Wear heels more
37. Try new recipes
38. Leave work at work
39. Go out dancing
40. Revel in the smallest moments
41. OWN IT – no matter what



  1. Happy Birthday, Cyn! May all your wishes come true!

  2. Happy Birthday! I am exhausted just reading your list though.

  3. Happy Birthday!Please take a look at my blog if you have time.Thanks


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