Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Skylar's Kingdom: Our DIY Backyard Project!

PART ONE So it’s no secret that our daughter Skylar LOVES playing Princess. Disney Princess… Rainbow Princess… Ballerina Princess… You name it – she will princess-ify (yeah I made that word up) it! So we decided to make her a play area in our backyard that is fit for a princess! This will be a reoccurring feature on my blog to document and follow the process. Everything will be done by us at a bargain rate! Wish us luck… heh! BEFORE: The backyard soon to be Princessville! Special Delivery: Wonder what it could be?!?!?! Stay tuned for updates... ♥cyn♥


  1. Hey, I know what that is! I bet she'll love it! It really will be a Princess' Paradies :)

  2. oooooooh sounds sooo cool.. (= Following ya back.. (= looking forward to reading more.. xoxo


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