Thursday, April 14, 2011


Okay, so I have SERIOUSLY slacked in the writing aspect of my blog… I need about ten more hours in the day and less of a need for sleep, but such is life. So I thought I would update on more than just my weight loss journey… What else is new? Oh yeah, my wedding. The initial reason I started this blog! My poor nuptials have taken such a back seat lately and I honestly don’t have a reason as to why? Okay I do know why – I had hoped to be moved before we got married and that just seems to be in eternal limbo… *sigh* Our initial plan was to be married in mid-August (yeah, as in FOUR months away!) and I have not planned one thing. Well, of course I have plans, but I have not secured one thing in regards to the actual wedding/deposits/invites – yadda yadda! *heh* Now I am wondering if I can throw something simple/casual/fun in time to be married in August/September? Can it be done? I think so? I am thinking a simple civil ceremony in the evening followed by a small causal celebration with a cold appetizer buffet, dessert, and a cash bar. I just want to be married and have the people I care about most in the world be witness and help us celebrate! So with all of that being said, I bought my wedding dress the other day. It was the most random thing… I was in Burlington Coat Factory, the last place you would EVER think of in regards to wedding dresses… and I saw this simple white dress that caught my eye and lo and behold – I LOVED it and bought it! ($19.99 – who pays $20 for their wedding dress I ask?!?!?!) The dress is a solid white zebra print (Hello, I LOVE zebra!), short (slightly above the knees), strapless, and has POCKETS!!!! I ADORE this dang dress… it is ME all day long and absolutely everything I have envisioned and more. AND… it will look AMAZING with my purple shoes!!!
*I am hoping that this dress hanging right in my face every single day will be some SUPER DUPER motivation to keep me going to the gym faithfully* So that’s where I am at in regards to the wedding. It should be a VERY interesting next couple of months. Tomorrow we are setting a date and I plan on securing a location by Monday. (Yeah all on top of being in peak season at work and barely having a day off let alone time to plan and execute all of this…) I want to be married and despite my protests that I don’t care about having an actual *wedding* -- I have come to terms that I need to do this the right way – no matter how casual/simple/inexpensive it ends up being! I want a celebration that is all about Brian and I! More to follow... ♥cyn♥


  1. Plan a wedding in 4 months? My brother and his wife planned their's in 8 weeks. It is definitely doable.

    Love the dress! It really suits your personality (well what I know of it). It doesn't matter how much it cost if you think it's perfect.

    Good luck with the rest of the planning!

  2. Just wanted to say I love your dress. Good luck with the planning!

  3. First-I LOVE that dress! how cute! and I got my wedding dress for $100 so I'm right there with you getting it for less :)

    Second-We got engaged and picked a date the same week-but the date was TWO YEARS later and I could've waited another year. I can't even imagine planning a wedding in a few months! I would be WAY too stressed! More power to you and good luck :)

  4. You will do fine!! Love all the purple details in your thinking!


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