Sunday, January 8, 2012

a trip to the ER...

i wrote yesterday about how skylar had a hellacious stomach bug...
at the time i posted she seemed to be on the mend & then last night she seemed to regress. she was crying in pain (i assume hunger pains from not eating for 48 hours) & was actually asking me for medicine to make her feel better -- which just broke my heart.
i decided it was time for the ER -- i mean despite what my pediatrician said that as long as she was drinking the bug should run it's course. well, i am sorry but all i could help but wonder is how a two year old little girl could go two days with barely eating & not consumming nearly enough fluids???
and i would always rather be safe than sorry!

tell me that this isn't the saddest face ever? but oddly enough she was SUCH a trooper -- i am still in awe over how good she was! she was terrified of the doctor but i think it was simply because he was a man & her doctor is a woman. because she was absolutely fine with all of the nurses & did anything they asked of her.
what a trooper smiling for the camera.
yeah, i am THAT mom who takes photos of her child in the ER.
the doctor said she had mild dehydration but that in someone so little it could turn serious quickly so it was best that we had brought her in. they gave her nausea medication to help her keep fluids down & after a popsicle & a couple hours of observation we were sent home.
she is tired, still not eating like she should -- but drinking better, has some of her color back & is in much better spirits.
she is not 100% but getting there!

i have been spoiled as a mother -- all three of my kids have rarely been sick & last night was the first time i have ever had to make a trip to the ER for any of them. and i pray this is the last because seeing my child so sick & lying on that gurney while i felt so utterly helpless was pure torture!!!!

now brian is sick -- so obviously this bug hasn't quite been exorcised outta my house & i will be spending the next few days hosing the house down with lysol!



  1. Sending you hugs. How tramatic for you and skylar.
    Ugly feeling seeing your baby that way, you did so right going to the er.

    Hope she feels better really soon!

  2. Awww! Poor thing!

    I'm glad she's getting better. I hope Brian feels better soon and your able to rid your house of that nastiness.

  3. poor little girl! here's hoping she's all better SOON :)

  4. Poor sweet girl!! I know exactly how you felt, we just went through it and it was icky icky terrible! Hope everyone gets better real soon. Oh cute jammies btw :)

  5. Hope she's all the way better soon. Had to do that a few years ago with my kiddo. She got sick while I was in hospital with a massive kidney infection. The day I got out, I had to take her in for dehydration. :( It's scary and hard. Hang in there Momma!


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