Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello 2012

our new year's eve was spent with family & friends...

the day was mellow & a bit odd for me as my sons were @ their father's this weekend
(yup; they are 17 & 15 and still go to their dad's every other weekend) & this was the 1st n.y.e they weren't here...

our beautiful girl...

in our house the kiddos get presents for just about every holiday...
but that's why we have children -- to spoil & love them endlessly!

she loved her new year's hat!

for skylar -- it's ALL about lalaloopsy!
she has a whole lalaloopsy village now!

family pose -- can ya tell i am telling skylar to smile while i am smiling?
why do we mothers do that?
i look like this in just about every family photo -- heh.

daddy looking super spiffy & his girl!

mommy & skylar

for me -- it's ALL about the shoes & it was a leopard shoe type of night!

we went to my best friend's house for a little soirree!
brian & i have not been out for n.y.e in at least 3 years & we had SO much fun!
(a little too much fun for me which i paid for today -- oy i just can't hang anymore!)

angela & james -- love these peeps with all my ♥!

my sexyass hunny! ♥ brian ♥

bff's -- ange & i have seen many a new year together -- it was good to be back in the n.y.e party mode with her!

world's worst self-photo... heh!

*wolf whistle*

rock on -- party on!

welcoming 2012 with open arms & a plan to stay on my current path because life is increasinly wonderful day by day!

merry new year!


  1. Happy 2012 my fabulous friend! Looks like you guys had a great celebration with good friends. Oh and Skylars dress is freaking adorable! I totally want that for Kaylin :)

  2. happy new year! I LOVE her pink and black dress-SO FREAKING CUTE :)


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