Sunday, January 15, 2012

HoLLa: Update on Life vol.11

happy sunday ya’ll!

well things seem to be getting back to *normal* here at casa de goddess…
although the week started like this…
lots of jammies (lalaloopsy jammies i might add) & snuggies (my grandmother bought me the zebra snuggie for xmas & skylar LOVES it).
and letting my daughter eat whatever she wants – case in point; her beloved funyons!!!

but things got better – more smiles & less fussiness.
and lemme tell ya – miss skylar brought fussiness to a whole NEW level! even though she was on the mend she was definitely just worn down from being SO sick for a week. she spent one whole day crying, screaming, and throwing temper tantrums over everything from what to eat to what to wear. it was not the best day ever but we survived & thankfully she is back to eating pretty normally (for her at least as she is the pickiest eater ever), sleeping better, & her usual chipper self.
then yesterday we saw these @ our local wally world & seeing how skylar’s world revolves around lalaloopsy – we had to buy them! ($6.00 and oh-so-cute plus this mama doesn’t bake so it was a steal!)

happiness = eating a lalaloopsy cupcake!
ohhh & because miss thing refuses to get icing on her fingers she eats them like a dog… heh! yeah, it makes no sense to us either – but skylar is without a doubt one-of-a-kind!!

so yay for my little skylar rockets getting better & being her usual crazy daisy self!

on a side note:
the wedding plans are back on!
yeah i know i have said this before & i have been draggin’ my feet & all that jazz. i haven’t even mentioned it on this blog since LAST april – wow! i had even bought my
dress! and finally i admitted the real reason i was stalling – wrote about it here on my diet blog -- misadventures of a chunky goddess.

well after dropping 26+ lbs. i can FINALLY not only get the dress over my ass but i can zip it up too! woohoo!
so yeah – i am a vain as hell but i want to feel & look my best on my special day.
and i am back into the *wedding plans* frame of mind – even though i COMPLETELY lack the bride gene. no dates have been set – i am still trying to digest the fact that I CAN FIT INTO MY DRESS!!!

my sons are pretty much mia most of the time. they have mutual friends (which i am SO happy about) so they are always off at this one or that one’s house. i can distinctly remember being their age & wanting to be anywhere but home – i guess it’s just a teenage thing? but i do insist that every tuesday & thursday night they are home for dinner & we have a SIT DOWN meal where we can all converse & interact as a family. they do it willingly & it’s one of the highlights of my week at least! and skylar’s – she loves her big brothers SO much!

i think that about sums up life as we know it…

wanna know more about my weight loss journey, weight watchers, progress photos & exercise regimen?
check out my diet blog --
misadventures of a chunky goddess. (warning: this blog does contain abundant profanity & a no hold’s bar look @ my journey!)


  1. Those cupcakes are adorable. You are the opposite of me. I don't cook but I love to bake.
    And how exciting for the wedding. I can't wait to read more about it because I'ma wedding freak. I love everything wedding!!!!

  2. I love that you have sit down dinners! We do it three nights a week at my best friends house and it is so awesome.

    Yay for the wedding! I <3 weddings! There used to be a site called fire your wedding planner and it had a great e-book for having a fab wedding without the not so fab price tag! Not sure if there is anymore.


  3. Wow! Congrats on dropping the poundage! I'm trying so hard right now. Grrrr... Can you tell I'm slightly frustrated? Just slightly. I love your "about me." HI-Larious!
    Your daughter is a cutie patootie :)

  4. YES! This post was full of positive awesomeness. Glad the little one is back to her gorgeous happy self and even more awesome for a zipped up wedding dress!!! Can't wait to hear all about the wedding planning...Pinterest Holla!

  5. Well congrats to getting into your dres and for your bright future!!

    As far as your boys, that is awesome you make sure you have family time. Very important :)




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