Saturday, January 7, 2012

HoLLa: Update on Life vol.10

so it’s been awhile since i posted a HOLLA update. i have been so busy with the holidays (and the downer aftermath), my weight loss blog, kids, bri, life in general, & trying to stay motivated on my quest to get fit!
it hasn’t been easy – ain’t even gonna lie!
but it’s been a good week nonetheless…
skylar has been a little crazy – but i think it’s a combo of the crazies leftover from xmas & just being a precocious 2 ½ year old little diva girl. (everyone told me how different girls are from boys – i am now coming to realize just how different they meant!)
(she looks SO big here… wowies!)
(sky could live on funyons –sadly)
(the many silly faces of skylar!)
all considering – she is still sucha good girl – she just has her moments – but don’t we all?

then on thursday this happened outta the blue…
(got the flu but still gorgeous as always)
sky got some sorta stomach bug & lemme tell ya it was no fun for any of us – especially her. add to the fact that the only thing this child eats faithfully is yogurt & the doctor said no dairy – life is just increasingly peachy keen… heh!
i feel like the world’s worst mama letting my daughter survive on pringles & ginger ale for the past two days but at least she is eating & drinking!

despite the flu invading our home & taking my poor little gal captive – there have been some happier moments this week.
at my weight watcher weigh-in yesterday i lost 2.8lbs bringing me to 26lbs lost total & i got this beauty…
my 25lb. charm to go with my 10% keychain & 16 week charm!
kinda silly but for us weight watcher junkies – this thing means the world! just like the little stickers we get @ meetings!

my journey since september 5th has truly been a transformation. tomorrow marks 90 days of consequetive exercise & i am eating vegan 99% (minus the eggs in holiday cookies) of the time. but i think the biggest change is that i am passionate about this & it has transcended into so many other facets of my life.
i want to be this passionate about EVERYTHING!
and it was so nice not to have *lose weight* at the top of my resolutions this year – i am already doing it!
i feel like i spent so much time trying to get HERE & it feels so freakin’ good to finally feel in control of my life & my body again!
i know i have said this before but…
life just gets better & better day by day!

and there ya have it dear bloggy peeps!

wanna know more about my weight loss journey, weight watchers, progress photos & exercise regimen?
check out my diet blog --
misadventures of a chunky goddess.


  1. Ginger ale and funions sounds like a winner to me. lol I do hope she gets better soon, She is getting so big!!

    Love the shoes on the top of your page!

    It shows through your writing and pictures how good you are feeling.

    The year will only continue to get better for you!!

  2. I've been away from reading my blogs this week and this post reminded me why I need to get back to it. You look fabulous and your enthusiasm is contagious!

  3. Get betta soon, wee poppett!

    25lbs! Thats quite an achievement. Congratulations and I hope to be following in your footsteps this year.


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