Thursday, November 3, 2011

hunter's 17th birfday...

yesterday my oldest kiddo, hunter, turned 17.
seriously, i cannot wrap my head around the fact that he is 17 already!
seems like yesterday that he was skylar's age... and that is NO exaggeration!
but like all mama's -- no matter how old he gets; he will always be my baby!


happiest birthday to my son hunter -- you may drive me completely insane with your insistant belief that you know it all -- but you are a wonderful human being with a heart of gold who has so much to offer this world! you make me proud every single day &
i l♥ve you!


  1. awww, Happy birthday to Hunter!

    Your kids are ALL adorable. :-) Just like their momma.

    Those cupcakes look amazing...

  2. They grow so fast! It looks like Hunter had a wonderful birthday!


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