Tuesday, November 29, 2011

sibling l♥ve

as a photography nut & someone who has always documented her life via photographs it has been a major adjustment for me when my son's entered their teenage years & suddenly became defiant about photos. i might get them -- but it is never without protest & sometimes a squabble ending with me yelling something to the effect of...
*all i want is one freakin' family photo -- now stand there & look happy for shit's sake!*
(seriously that was the dialogue from thanksgiving)

photos = pure torture to teenage guys.
who knew?

so imagine my surprise when my oldest son hunter, age 17, willing posed & smiled for the following pics?!?!
only one person on this planet can make his stubborn 17 year old know-it-all ass smile like this -- his little sister skylar!

seriously; she has us all wrapped & is more times than not she is the bond that keeps us all from going mental on one another.
i am so glad she has brothers who truly adore her...

who could ever resist this face -- even if she is my *crazy daisy* more times than not?!?!?!



  1. You family is beautiful, girl! My 17 year year old would never voluntarily sit and pose with my daughter. Ever.

  2. Oh my gosh, these are ALL framers for sure. She is just too cute for words, you are one lucky momma!

  3. Those pics are so sweet! Skylar would definitely have me wrapped. :D

  4. She is adorable! How can she not have everyone wrapped?? The pics are wonderful!


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