Tuesday, November 1, 2011

all hallow's eve 2011

i ♥ halloween...
always have; always will!
so we celebrate all hallows eve properly!

skylar starts the day as a bee...
peyton & hunter
grammy (my mom) & skylar
my sons peyton & hunter
zombie-fied peyton, skylar, & hunter -- my halloween spooky kiddos!
peyton as a zombie-- i was in charge of makeup as always...
peyton, dani (hunter's girlfriend) & hunter heading out for the evening...
me -- mexican day of the dead
bri -- ghoulish skeleton
the spooky bunch!
the cutest pumpkin ever -- she insisted on face paint too -- heh!

daddy & sky
me & my girl
trick-or-treat & skylar gave us a run for our money -- never thought she would last 1 1/2 hours but she rocked it!
ONLY in rhode island will you see a jack-o-lantern snowman... the candy haul!

a perfectly ghoulishy fun halloween again!

happy halloweenie!!!


  1. AWESOME pictures! The face paint was amazing, you are crazy talented! You guys all look great, glad you had so much fun.


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