Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ShOwInG oFF...

yes -- i totally realize that i have pretty much left my mama blog (that would be this one) in the dust in lieu of writing in my misadventures of a chunky goddess blog.
and i do feel bad about that because this blog is about my family whereas the other is solely about me...
but i need to be a wee bit selfish nowadays & am really focusing on getting fit.
i will be posting tidbits here -- mostly photos & family updates.
if ya want the real dirt on life & all it encompasses -- gotta read the other blog.

but enough of that...
let's get to the showing off!
about to head out for a walk -- was a bit brisk that morning!
just miss sky being her adorable little self!
some new bedding -- she still l♥ves yo gabba gabba! has it made her sleep in her bed any better -- ummm no!
we hung out this past sunday @ my bestie's house & this is skylar & her daughter who is just 6 months older. i look @ them & instantly see angela & myself -- so odd; yet amazingly cool!
guitar hero playoff & hangin' out!

happy hump day luvies!

1 comment:

  1. I forgive you for leaving us behind but I miss you! Glad you're being selfish, you deserve it. Miss Skylar is looking adorable as always and my daughter would just DIE for some Yo Gabba Gabba bedding, she just loooves them!


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