Monday, August 15, 2011

Adventure at Micky D's

So for the past three or so weeks Skylar has had it in her head that she MUST go to McDonald's for some Chicken McNuggets...
Damn those advertisers know what they are doing...
We kind of laughed it off the first few times she said it but when it became a daily request then we decided that maybe it would be a good thing to oblige her wishes

Now this is the same child who would NEVER eat a chicken nugget at home or any meat for that matter. (Purely her choice and nothing I pushed on her.)
She has become an even worse picky eater -- basically she eats yogurt, grapes, raisins, bananas, cereal sans milk on occasion, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, butter toast, spaghetti on occasion and it has to be out of this one particular yellow bowl, and some random junk food items. That's it! So while I may think McD's offers the worst possible thing you can ingest -- I am willing to allow her to ingest just about anything at this point.
But I digress...

So off to McDonald's we go with positive thoughts and some yogurt and Funyons packed for *just in case.*

All is well -- super excited to be at McDonald's FINALLY!

She even wanted to wear the freebie bib????
Yay the arrival of the coveted Chicken McNuggets...
Her reaction.
As I predicted it was a no go.
Matter of fact she looked absolutely horrified!
Can't really blame her -- I have never found their nuggets to be appetizing either!
She also didn't partake of french fries or the apple slices that came in her Happy Meal. Hell, she didn't even like the Smurf toy that also came in her Happy Meal!?!?!
At least the root beer was tasty.
Yeah, I am one of those Mom's who lets her child have soda on occasion -- don't judge! I brush her teeth nonstop when she partakes of the sweets and corrosive acids! ;)

The funny thing was that when asked today if she wanted to go back to McD's she emphatically replied with a YES!
Silly girl.
Anyone want a Smurf toy?


  1. LOL!! Love the photo-journal of Skylar's McD's adventure. OMG! Her little ponies are too cute!

  2. If it's Papa Smurf, there's a person on my local craigslist wanting to buy one. Seriously.

  3. Commercials are a bane to parents everywhere.

    You guys are the best to take her knowing she would do what she did. :)

  4. Oh my gosh that is soo funny! The look on her face is pure disappointment, lol. I think it's probably a good thing she's not a McD's fan because you'd probably wind up with a whole lotta unwanted toys :)

  5. ha! I'm not a fan of the chicken nuggets either...but I am a fan of the fries! And rootbeer is one of the few sodas I like...of course, I only like it with ice cream in it though :)


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