Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Earlier I wrote a post that I have since deleted (a first ever). In it I wrote a pretty frank rant about my current situation involving my job. I decided to rethink posting such honest thoughts and simply because it put me on a level that I don’t really want to stoop to.

I am better than that…

But I will say this…
I have decided to leave my current position and while I wish circumstances for doing so were different I walk away with lessons learned. I am a lot wiser and I vow to never ever doubt my inner voice again. It has never been wrong!

I know where my strengths and weaknesses lie and I will not be defined by others who do not have my best interest at heart.

I found this on Pintrest and used it as my status on facebook the other day – wow does it ring true and has stuck with me ever since.

This is my attitude about A LOT of things…
Time to shake things up a bit me thinks?

I control my destiny and if I allow myself to be in situations that make me miserable than I only have myself to blame.
So today I take a step forward and walk away from situations that make me unhappy.

Life is just too damn short for that shit!



  1. Sounds like you're going through a rough patch. Best of luck to you. You seem to have a great attitude.

  2. amen sistah.....I need to do the same thing you just did. you've woke me up a bit.


  3. I struggle too sometimes with posts. Wanting to be anonymous but sometimes not as successful as I like. Go with your gut, always the best choice.

  4. Hell yes sister! Love this post and I totally admire your outlook on life.

  5. Good for you! Be brave...things work out for the best and everything happens for a reason

  6. Thank you ALL!

    I dunno what I would do without my blog and this amazing community sometimes. You guys always have my back -- wish that were the case in the Real World. Wonder why people I have never met get me better than people I see on a weekly basis?

    Anywho... xxoo to you all!!!

  7. Yup, do what makes you happy!
    Recently someone on my facebook ranted about how much she hated her employers and used really vulgar words. Not ladylike at all and seriously filthy. I have no problem with venting and cursing, but these were words that my husband would blush hearing...and he's a trucker.
    At some point it's possible that someone connected to the company could see it and those words could haunt her for a very long time. It's smart to be smart. I didn't see your post but if you think it was something that might bring you down a little I'm glad you removed it! ♥

  8. Good for you! You know about my previous work environment. The best thing I did last year was leave that job. Your life will be so much better when you're not working somewhere that makes you miserable.

    The only people that get me better than my online friends are my family and my husband. I think my honesty rubs a few people the wrong way. :P

  9. Good for you!! Leave the misery behind and move onto something better for you and your family. Look at it as a learning lesson. Oh, I have had many a learning lesson LOL

  10. Good for you!!

    Good luck on the road you have chosen!


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