Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Up?

‘Ello Blogdom!

Life as I know told the best way I know how… via photos!

Skylar doing *gymnastics* or *nastics* as she calls it.

Brian & Skylar

Some goodies I received…

I got this lovely necklace that I adore via Lesley at
Fabulously Flawed. She is a very talented lady with an amazing Etsy Shop.

And this was a sweet charm she added to my order – so stinkin’ cute!!! I wear it over my heart every day at work.
Thank you Lesley!

L♥VE her shirt – wonder why? *heh*

A VERY Happy Birthday to my dearest bestie, Angela! I love ya girl!



  1. I just read your last blog entry (out of town and bad blog-reader over the weekend and Monday!) and wanted to say CONGRATS to Brian about the job! I'm sure that you guys will adjust just fine to the change. :-)

    Skylar is looking more and more blonde in every post! Is it the summer sun doing that to her hair, or have I just not noticed her blonde-ness before? What a cutie.

    Also, don't worry too much about the cheese mishaps. I still slip from time to time (I had a handful of movie theatre popcorn last month and felt SUPER guilty about it, and I don't even know if they use real butter) and still consider myself to have my full vegan superpowers in place. ;-)

  2. Great pictures as always! Your daughter has a great smile and I see that daddy loves her very much.

    Beautiful jewlery!

  3. Love Lesley's stuff too.

    that charm is so adorable.

  4. Love that cutie Miss Skylar! Oh and LOVE your hair color in the last pics

  5. love the charm and trinkets, the sweet pic of you and your man is cute.

    have a great weekend.

  6. I love the necklaces. Oh no, a Yankees fan.

  7. Skylar is just so cute! I can tell she's full of personality :)

    And that necklace with the picture of you is too cute! I'm going to have to go check out the Etsy site now.


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