Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don't Mess with Mother Nature...

So I survived Hurricane Irene…
Well sorta.

By the time Irene hit us early Sunday morning she had been downgraded to a tropical storm.
Easy Peasy!

I lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast – trust me; I have weathered some hurricanes in my day and I surely could handle a tropical storm!

Sure, we had some trees down and uprooted, tons of debris, and one house in my neighborhood actually had a tree fall on their roof; thankfully doing minimal damage.
But the worst was the power outages.

We lost our power at about 8:30 Sunday morning – which I have to admit shocked the crap outta me. I truly didn’t think we would lose power, let alone so early in the day.
Well I was MAJORLY wrong.
I just regained power about three hours ago and we literally did a dance of joy!

But YES – we went 4 ½ days without power!
No lights, no refridgeration, no AC, no hot water, no TV, no phone, no internet, no nothing.

Thank goodness for my dear friend Angela who not only graciously offered me freezer space and a hot shower whenever I needed it – but she let me charge all of our cell phones and various electronic devices! Without the very minimal internet on my phone – we would have been painfully out of the loop!
I love you Angela and family!

And I don’t mean to sound like a pampered bitch – but it SUCKEDDDDDDDDDDDD!
It makes me appreciate what a comfy life we really lead.

Here are some photos from Sunday…

Some of the damages in my neighborhood…

Our pool took a beating in regards to debris…

When the storm calmed a bit and the worst was declared over – Brian, Skylar, and I took a walk. We look happy because at this point we are totally unaware what lies ahead in regards to our power outage – lol!

Skylar was in her glory splashing in puddles *just like Peppa Pig*!

Hurricane Skylar!

That evening we had to get out due to utter boredom -- also before realizing we would ultimately MASTER utter boredom -- we decided to try Red Robin for the first time. And YUM and just what we needed!
Having some fun despite being water logged!

The boys were at their Dad’s most of the weekend but decided to spend the night camping out in the living room due to the PITCH blackness that was us our upstairs!

Thank golly for LED lights!

All in all, as much of a TOTAL inconvience the whole situation was -- I know it could have been worse and PLENTY had/have it worse.

We are all safe and our house is intact -- so I am grateful for that.

I will say this...
Rhode Island had around 377,000 homes lose power and I am guessing a good 100,000 or so are STILL without power.
I hope this is a lesson for us all -- I for one, will never be complacent again!

Next hurricane, tropical storm, depression, whatever -- I WILL be ready for your ass!



  1. Call me spoiled, too, but I love electricity! We have 3 generators and hubby is quick to power them up when the power goes out. He is also experimenting with solar power and used it recently when a storm knocked out the power for about 8 hrs.

    Next time you go to Red Robin, make sure you try the BLTA--bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado! Delish!!

  2. Skylar is too cute in her rain outfit! I love those boots. That was sweet to see the boys huddled together for the night.
    You survived and thank god for your friend to provide you with the help.


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