Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I know this is supposed to be wordless -- and I will keep this brief -- I just wanted to say that I have been super slacking on my blog lately (intentionally I might add) and I didn't want the few posts I do make to be about doom & gloom (my work situation)...
So in saying that...
Let me show you that even in the most stressed of days, there is SO much happiness in my life!

I honestly do not know what I would do without my family, true friends, and those who know me best. I love you all dearly!

And yes I know that my photos always seem to void of pictures of my teenage sons -- if they were ever home I might be able to snap a photo or two. Sadly they are growing up and have lives of their own now and I fully encourage them to do so!

We have a trip to Six Flags planned in a week for just Brian, myself, and my sons -- Skylar will be spending the day with her Grammy -- so hopefully I can takes lots of pictures that day!

Happy not-so-Wordless Wednesday Blogdom!


  1. I love your pictures! Your garden looks amazing, I wish that I could garden.

    I definately look forward to hearing and seeing all about your 6 Flags trip. :-) Have a great time!

  2. I dont think I've ever done a "wordless" Wednesday, I always have something to say : ) Love the pics and can't wait to hear about six flags, have fun!!!

  3. Little ones always help you focus on the happy!! My kids have flown the coop and I enjoy them as much as possible but like you, I am glad they are flying!!!

  4. Thank you Leah, Katherine, Mrs. P and Lucy!!!


  5. A had a time not too long ago where I was down as I could be. I did a follow up post but have not posted it. Totally understand why you would not post.

    Family and true friends are where it is at that help you through this time.

    Your girl is sunshine on a cloudy day. Boys are illusive once they reach their teenage years. Like trying to capture bigfoot on camera. :)

    Have fun at 6 flags!!


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