Friday, October 14, 2011


TGIF Bloggywood!

So today is the Pay it Forward Blogfest!
Here is the original
post by The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment, one of the two hosts – check it out as it has all of the details & such!
But basically the idea of this blogfest is to introduce everyone on the linky to three of your favorite bloggers who might fall under the radar and not receive the recognition you think they deserve. Or you can totally just shout out to three blogs ya love. Either way – the hosts are encouraging everyone to take a little time and really peruse a blog or two
(or 225 – wow lotta peeps linked up!).
I read a pretty diversified list of blogs regularly – but am always looking for someone new to lurk upon!

So with that being said… lemme introduce you to the three blogs/bloggers who I must give mad props to… and some are actually peeps I have met via my other blog
(yeah that diet one I am yappin’ about all the time)
misadventures of a chunky goddess.

1. Nicole @
4 Boys and 2 Divas. She is a newer blogger and I just adore how she blogs & vlogs. She rocks & is kind enough to be doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred with me & being so real & honest about the process. You cannot help but l♥ve her!
2. Foxy Coxy & Hot Coco @
(Victorious Secret) From Flab to Fab. These two fellow Weight Watcher junkies cover it all – the trials, tribulations & highs of the Weight Watcher journey along with ah-may-zing healthy recipes & their take on life. Go check ‘em out fo’ sho’!
3. And last but never least – my dearest bloggy friend Ms. Marie @
The Dancing Paralegal. We met on the Weight Watcher site via their blogs & honestly I cannot remember who traveled over to blogger first? I wanna say it was her because she wanted to swear and Weight Watchers online won’t even let you say beaver (in the animal context) without censoring your ass. Anywho… we both migrated over to the Land of Adult Blogging & have been giving each other the bloggy l♥ve ever since. Her blog rocks & her series on her recent trip to Europe is just amazing & gives me major world traveler envy!

Go give my girls some much deserved bloggy l♥ve!

There ya have it… hop ‘til ya drop!



  1. For the record, you were here first. Thanks for the plug!

  2. You helped out on two blogs? Thanks!

  3. I'll give them a look as I blog hop about, yeah a bit slow that I know!


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