Monday, October 31, 2011

HoLLa: Update on Life vol.8

once again i have let time lapse since writing... oops!
just too much on my plate & it seems like everyone in my house has passed around a pretty nasty flu bug to boot back & forth. today is the first day in a week that i feel semi-human.

so this past thursday i saw the new therapist & while i am trying really hard to keep an open mind about it all; it really amazes me that someone who has met me once -- for a little over an hour & basically got a quick synopsis of my 41 years
(and i have lived a lot in my 41 years) -- can give me a *diagnosis*?
and a *diagnosis* that i am not sure i entirely agree with.
she has labeled me as having a *mood disorder* which is one miniscule step above bi-polar disorder.
yeah i have my moments & in my past i have done so effed up stuff that could very easily be deemed as self-destructive but... i don't think my condition
(whatever that may be) is as severe as she seems to think. nothing against anyone who is bi-polar as i am sure it is very misunderstood like all mental/emotional disorders are… but what the phuck?

but she has referred me to someone else to have a medicine evalutation to make sure i am on the right meds because she seems to think i am totally on the wrong meds & wants a second opinion.
this is exactly where i don't wanna be.
flip-floppin between *professionals* who cannot decide what *disorder* i have & who wanna play medicine guinea pig with me.
nope not happenin!
but i will semi-play along. i will go to the referral and see what she has to say but i am not playing russian roulette with a bevy of meds that will do gawd knows what to me?
frig that noise!

and what irks me is that i thought i was on the right path with the wellbutrin? i thought this was a therapy session? not a mental evaluation!
have i mentioned how much i really distrust people in the mental health field before?!?!?!
grrrr… so irritating! but let’s move on!

weight watchers is goin great…
30 day shred is going amazing…
i am down 12.4 lbs total & feeling pretty damn good about that! i wanted to lose about 6 lbs a month & so far i am ahead of the game so that is a very good thing.
bri is great.
kids are great.
all is well… minus the snow we had over the weekend.
already? really?
ick! but there was a cool bday party to attend!
and i did run into two of my friends i havent seen in eons over the weekend – so all really is well! (the three redhead amigas ride again!)

and halloween cookies & dress-up always make life better as well!

and all the other random stuff in between...

because i most certainly cannot complain & despite what one random *therapist* says – i am very content with life & the path it is currently leading my on!

happy halloween peeps!
(you know i will be posting a buttload of photos from today at some point this week -- consider yourselves warned!)

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check out my diet blog --
misadventures of a chunky goddess.

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  1. congrats on 12lbs down! I'm seriously thinking about trying that-I have 6 baby lbs left that will NOT leave...oh well!

    Good luck with the second "professional"...I hate being a guinea pig for different medicines too :(

  2. i have done the same things as you stated with the shrinks. i found a good one who prescribes my meds...he quit his practice thou and now my current md prescribes my meds. so same journey as you. it sucks. keep on trucking though and you will make it!

  3. That snow this weekend was nuts! Looks like you guys got a little more than we did.

    Honestly, I think if you talked to 10 different therapists, you'd get 10 different answers. Mental health disorders are hard to diagnose. Hang in there! I hope they get you on the right path that you feel comfortable with.

  4. Congrats on the 12.4 lbs! That's wonderful to hear :)

    As for the distrust you feel towards the new therapist - I don't blame you. I possess a similar distrust with them as well as with medical doctors. You just don't know if they are the ones you would prefer to succumb to the bribes by the pharmaceutical companies than to diagnose you fairly.

    On the upside, at least she did ask for a second opinion. It at least shows she's willing to make sure about her diagnosis and what-not. If you still feel unsure after they do their thing, maybe finding a third doctor for third opinion will be the way to go, but if so, make sure it's someone you find from a source other than the first two.

    I'm sorry I don't get the chance to stop by very often. I do like seeing you so happy though :)

    Hope you have a super happy Samhain!


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