Monday, October 3, 2011

bragging rights!

ummm i don’t mean to brag (like hell i don’t) but …
you must
(okay pretty pretty please) go check out the lovely ms. ducky’s fabu blog: batcrap crazy.

she asked me to write a post about women and our friendships and here is my take on the subject:
the power of girlfriends.
yeah – i was featured – kinda sorta.

to say i am beyond stoked would be the understatement of the century! because well… i am beyond stoked!
truly honored – thank you daffy dear!
it was a blast to write & basically i would do anything to give a shout out to my girls!

this is all in conjunction with
friends you love - a month long blog/site that celebrates & empowers women through discussing our bonds with other women closest to us! please check it out – follow – and participate in the contests, hops, & parties!

happy monday all!


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