Wednesday, October 12, 2011

homage: the sage cauldron


So it’s been quite some time since I have posted anything remotely related to Goddess Group and/or my Pagan-esque ways.
And well…
It’s time!

***A little fyi – I have hyperlinked some of the terms in an effort to save time by extensive explanantions. Plus I am far from an expert about anything and certainly do not want to give false information – and in this realm – the information is VAST. So I have linked to a website I think best describes what I am talking about even in a round about way -- we are a pretty liberal group and tend to do things in a more casual way – but these websites will give you a general idea.

I am a very lucky gal…
Not only do I get to congregate with a group (
our ah-may-zing
Goddess Group) of awesome like-minded women where we can be ourselves and discuss whatever topics we like without being given a disapproving side eye – but the group and the metaphysical shop where Goddess Group is held is the brilliant original idea by my best friend Angela (and I gotta give props to her hubby James too).
Yeah – how cool is that?
For those who are not Pagan – trust me, finding like-minded people is hard enough – but a place to hang, talk, purchase magical/metaphysical items, and just be is far and few between!
The Sage Cauldron (link to their website – please check them out.) is all that and more…

You ever walk into somewhere and just feel all cozy & homey?
That’s how I felt the first time I stepped foot in their shop.
(love her coolio ecclectic corkboard – recognize any babies on there? yup, that would be Skylar!)
The smells of herbs, handpoured oils, & incense and the overall aura is just (for a lack of a better word) pure goodness.
Added to the goodness is Goddess Group of course and the classes they offer – I am currently in the midst of a tarot class – plus I have taken classes on herbal magic, candle magic, how to build an altar, and moon magic.

So last night at Goddess Group we had a semi-formal
Full Moon Circle as it was the Hunter’s Moon and all.
(here is the moon – although I never have good luck getting good moon shots…)

We made our altar in celebration of the fall – each of bringing decorations as well as personal item to charge with the positive energy of the circle
(here is the altar – and yes, that little blue book is my Weight Watcher weigh-in record – I need all the positive energy I can get!)
(here are some fun photos I took – a little swirly to protect the identity of my fellow goddesses.)
I also took some random photos throughout our evening in hopes of possible catching some orbs -- which I have during previous events held at The Sage Cauldron. And last night was no exception. I had many more photos but they include my goddesses and well, I am not the type to ever post photos without someone’s permission.
(you can see the orbs varried throughout the photo – this area, which is where we conduct Goddess Group, is typically where I get some of the best orb photos in the shop.)
(this photo was actually taken before we cast the circle and invited spirits to join us.)

It was a special evening with a lot of positive energy – as always.

I am so fortunate to have my friend, Angela Lou, Goddess Group, and The Sage Cauldron!
(Ange & I taken 10/7/2011 – our nite out & about!)

Oooh – and next Tuesday for Goddess Group, we are going on a ghost hunt to a local cemetary.
Cool Beans!!!

Blessed be…


  1. That place looks awesome! Glad you have something you're passionate about and there is never anything bad about being a Goddess :)

  2. I love the "unattended children will be fed to a dragon" sign! Too funny!

    We live 4 houses down from a cemetery and every year at Halloween they do "ghost walk" tours-it's pretty fun :)

  3. Your group sounds so amazing that I almost want to move to Rhode Island just to be a part of it!

    ...How much would that freak you out? LOL!

  4. Leah- We can move together. LOL!!

    Cyn- The best moon shots I've gotten is around dusk when the sun and moon are both visible. I'll post one to my blog for you.

  5. Looks like quite the store! Thanks for visiting, I'm following now.

    Nice to meet you!


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