Saturday, October 8, 2011

hunter's homecoming

tonight is hunter's homecoming dance & as i post he is off dancing (hopefully) the night away with his girlfriend dani.

seems surreal...
wasn't he just a little babe in my arms???

my gorgeous son hunter -- doesn't he look kickass in his spiffy duds?

hunter & dani...
and man oh man -- i thought my sons were horrible about posing for photos -- dani did this under complete protest... heh!
my sons know to just stand there and the more cooperative they are; the sooner the torture is over.

leaving for the evening...
ahhh young l♥ve & all it's new splendor!

watching your child literally grow up before your eyes is one of those things you are never prepared for!



  1. Awww!! She's adorable! They make such a cute couple.

  2. Congrats to you momma for having such a handsome son!


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