Friday, September 2, 2011

Short & Light

Happy Last Friday of the *Official* Summer!

Wowzers -- can you believe it is September already!?!?!

Hunter and Peyton started school yesterday -- can you see the excitement in their faces?

Or how stoked they are that their Mom still takes *First Day of School* photos?
I am a cruel bitch, what can I say?

Speaking of bitches...

I am keeping it short and light today -- Skylar is in full cheerleader garb and itchin' to go outside.
She is such a cutie-patooties!

xxoo blogdom!

On a side note: I feel kinda shitty for making sucha fuss over being without power for 4 1/2 days when so many people have it far worse -- which I found out yesterday after watching some actual news. Hurricane Irene was one mean MoFo and my heart goes out to those who have lost and suffered much more than me!


  1. I love that you still take first day of school pictures! They'll thank you for that some day. :-)

    I'm so glad to hear that you weren't too affected by Irene. It could ALWAYS be worse. But that doesn't mean that what you went through doesn't matter! 4 days without power sounds like torture to me.

  2. BAaaaahaaa you know your boys love you when they let you take 1st day of school photos, loooove the looks on their faces. Oh and I totally agree, Irene was a dirty little whore :) xoxo - Happy Friday! OH...and didf you see the Pinterest pin I tagged you in?

  3. I love first day of school pics, my baby is gonna be a senior this year. Yikes!!!!

  4. It's your preogative to take pictures but if i tried that I would only be getting the back of their heads as they would run from the camera. lol

    So sweet that they let you take the picture :)

    Skylar must look precious in her cheerleading outfit!


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