Friday, July 29, 2011

Cyn vs. The World

Happy Friday Blogdom!

Am I a bad parent if I say that my daughter is literally draining the life out of me?
Because she is…

I love her more than life – but dear Lord she is demanding lately. She had her two year check up last week and the doctor deemed her as *advanced* -- she speaks in full sentances, can spell her name, counts to ten in English and Spanish, yadda yadda – I could go on and on – but then I would become one of THOSE parents that I pretty much loathe.

The thing about having an *advanced* child is the need for constant stimulation. Miss Skylar must be doing something at all times – she is not the sit down and watch TV type. That’s not to say she doesn’t watch TV (how do you think she learned how to count in Spanish – thank you Sesame Street!) but her attention span for such things is limited. So we are constantly trying to find ways to entertain her and keep her going (and tire her out at time...).

Chasing bubbles!

Oh and did I mention she doesn’t nap? So this is an all day from 7am to 8pm sort of thing.

Look at her sweet little face -- all excited about picking her first tomato out of her garden -- which she tasted and ran off saying it was *gross*...

And I feel so much guilt for even saying all of this. She is a BLESSING, such a cuddlebug sweetie-pie and I am elated that she is so smart. And I think of all the people in the world trying desperately to have a baby and here I am complaining about mine…

But girlfriend IS high-maintenance!

I am just wiped by the time she goes to bed.
There hasn’t been one night this week that I have stayed up past 9:30ish and that is just SADDDDDD! I even missed the premier of Season Three of Ancient Aliens last night!
Why oh why did they move it to 10pm? Us lame-o’s can’t stay up that late!!!

I think between my demanding two year old, a week of difficult sittings at work, still adjusting to my meds, PMSing like a MoFo, and everything else in between – I am just toast!

I was a little disenchanted earlier this week. After feeling SO good on the new medication I seemed to come to a stand-still this week and started to feel some of the old anxiety and tension. Then I realized that this is MAJOR PMS week – and in case I have never mentioned it – I am a raging hormonal Biznotch when I PMS. I can go from emotional wreck to a wrecking ball in the blink of an eye. So with that in mind, in all actuality – the meds are STILL working great. I feel a little out of sorts but NOTHING like a typical PMS week.
YaY for Wellbutrin…lol!

Oh and PMS has certainly brought my appetite back and the only thing I want to eat is pretzel M&M’s and Jelly Belly’s.

And I have been such a bad vegan this week… cheese why do you smite me so???
I admit it – I had cheese twice this week.
I ran out of vegan cheese and caved for the real stuff.
*hangs head in shame*

It makes me think of the movie “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” (which I LOVE) and the part where Todd the psychic vegan is stripped of his powers by The Vegan Police for eating gelato.

Any minute they will be bursting into my home to strip me of my vegan *powers*… HA!

Oh well at least I am adhering to my strict no meat policy.

Brian FINALLY got his much anticipated promotion this week! Sadly it means ALL super early (3am two days and 5am three days) mornings. But it’s Monday thru Friday (no weekends – lucky duck!) and he is home a good portion of the day.
It’s an adjustment though – I seem to wake up when he does and that is probably part of the reason I am dragging ass.
But it took TWO YEARS to find a decent job so YAY!
Rhode Island has one of the worst unemployment rates in the country.

Just a thought…
I am thinkin’ of revamping my blog a bit. A little less fluff and more writing. This does NOT mean I will cease to be flooding my blog with photos of my family… that just will never happen. But I think I want to stop some of the silliness and the need to post something every single day.
A quality over quantity sorta thing.
I think the new meds make me see things in a different light? I don’t feel the need to constantly please and am a lot more happier to just be.
I will blog when I feel like it…
Like it should be!

And there ya have it…


  1. Girl, you do have a lot on your plate! I hear you.

    I lived for naps when he kids were little. I can only imagine what you must be going through.

    Whatever you decide about how often you post is alright by me. It should be a joy for you or a place to vent.

    Always do what makes you happy!

    Abbie (hugs)

  2. I know what you mean with the pms' Those pretzel m&ms will save your life. ;)

    I think it's a great idea to post when you feel like it. I think a lot of times we bloggers forget that our blogs are not just for the readers, but for us as well. Overall, we need to be happy with how we are doing it. Good luck with finding your balance! :)

  3. Oh, didn't you get the memo? The one that says that when you give children give them YOURS. LOL

    You're doing great. Hope you last until she's grown. No naps? Geesh. That was the only time I got anything done for myself.

    Have a great weekend Cyn

  4. Oh, I remember the days when my urchins were little and thinking "I am not going to survive!" You hang in there and do what you need to get through those long days!

  5. Good Golly missy, you are busy! Oh man. Bedtime for Kaylin is definitely one of my saving graces. We just pushed her bedtime from 8:30 to 8 because I just couldn't handle it, so I feel ya! Glad you're feeling better and congrats to Brian on his promotion!

  6. Thank you SO much ladies -- sometimes I just need to hear I am not the only one in this situation. I usually juggle well but ack -- I can't always hold it all together without at least one good rant!

    xxoo to you all!

  7. great photos -- love the chasing bubbles! visiting you via friday's hop.


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