Saturday, June 11, 2011

SaTurDay: In Photos

Our day began simple enough – tubby-time and some PopTarts.
Please don’t call Child Protective Services on us because Skylar eats from a Frisbee – I told you we do ANYTHING in the name of her eating!

Then Skylar had a *photo shoot* at my work. My boss Amy took the photos – because Skylar would have paid no attention to me!
Here is a little taste…

This is her dress for her Cinderella Birthday Bash!

Aren’t they too stinkin’ cute?!?!
I L♥♥♥♥♥VE them!!!

The weather today has been ICKY!!!
Rain – which I am truly hoping will surpass us tomorrow as it is Skylar’s birthday party. We could move indoors but outside would be SO much nicer!
(I even did some weather magick this evening in hopes of keeping the rain at bay…)
But look how LUSH this weather has made the yard look.

I could just eat the colors!

Some Skylar & Daddy time!

I think these are my new favorite pictures of them.
Skylar looks so happy and just adorable!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Brian is in the midst of putting together a SUPER CUTE retro pink kitchen we bought for Skylar for her birthday.
I am not *allowed* to help in fear that one of us may not make it out alive. Yeah… we don’t do well with instructions and tools in the company of one another!
But even a little over half-way done and it is worth-every-penny-SUPER -CUTE!

I am off to do the bajillion and one things that need to be done before Skylar’s Cinderella Birthday Bash!
HaPPy SaTurDay!


  1. These pics are too stinking cute!

    I hope you have nice weather today for Skylar's birthday. Have fun!

  2. Great pictures! She's a doll..

    Ava xx


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