Wednesday, June 1, 2011

HaPPy HuMp DaY!

What’s the good word ya ask?

How about nature?
Just look how well the Iris, strawberries, Skylar’s watermelon and my herb garden are doing.

I feel so dang connected to nature lately – I think I need to camp and spend the night under the stars at least once this summer. Even if that means in my own backyard!

How about Goddess Group last tonight?
I always enjoy group, but I admit some nights are better than others. Last night was one of those nights. Just a good vibe going on!
My fellow Goddesses and I practiced some psychometry (token-object reading) and we rocked it. Then we had a really cool convo involving spirit guides, déjà vu, and parallel plains and universes!
Our little group of Goddesses is almost a year old by the way. I wasn’t there for the original gathering, but darn close.
Wow, what a difference a year makes!
Finding this group has helped me evolve in so many positive ways. It certainly lead me to my path, gave me clarity, friendships, purpose, and helped me find ME again – because ME was so sadly lost in the shuffle of everything else going on in my life.
And yes, there has been a minimal amount of *chick BS* as I call it. I will never understand the need for competiveness and hatred between women when we should be uniting and ruling the world – just sayin’. Angela welcomes everyone with open arms no matter what your beliefs or walk of life may be -- but negativity in a womans EMPOWERMENT group kinda defeats the purpose.
And I cannot count how many of you lovely ladies out there reading my drivel have left me comments saying how much you wish there was a Goddess Group near you.
I am still working on the teleporter so we can get ya all here.
(Gosh, wouldn’t that be cool?!)

How about my wicked cool new necklace I got from Angela’s shop last night? I need something cool around my neck and wanted a crystal and I just fell in love with the rogue crystal as NO ONE knows its true identity!

Seriously, while it’s rogue-ness is cool -- if anyone could tell us exactly what it is – I would be eternally grateful. We have some ideas just aren’t 100% sure?

How about my daughter Skylar who will be two in less than two weeks (WoWie!)?
She is hysterical.
The other day I was kinda getting after her about manners; mainly please and thank you. Not five minute later she was demanding something and I said, “What’s the magic word?”
Without batting an eyes she says, “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!”
Indeed! *heh*

Guess who is having a Cinderella birthday party?

Then yesterday we are walking outside to the pool and she INSISTS that she saw a toucan flying over the yard.
Okay so they are technically indigenous to the Neptropic Zone (Central and South America, the Carribbean, and Florida) – I suppose one could be lost in Rhode Island?

Don’t you wish you could sleep like this? I know I do, I bet I haven’t slept like that since the 1990s!

How about the photo challenge that starts TODAY???
Told ya I would give ya a reminder (ANGELA)!
Break out the Cannon (ANGELA), Nikon, Kodak, cell phone, ipod – whatever and play along!
The details are
HERE on the post I made on Monday.
I will be partaking and posting before the end of the day in the section below my header named *photo-a-day*.

Finally and just because it feels appropriate…

Gotta L♥VE Miss O!



  1. Funny you mention about finding "you" again. I posted the need to find "me" again on my blog last night... Glad you found yourself!

    That necklace is gorgeous!! Enjoy it!

  2. 1-I'm totally jealous because your strawberry plant is WAY bigger than mine

    2-Bibidi bobbiti boo sounds like a good magic word to me :)

  3. Your garden looks great! I can't wait to go camping on the's so much fun! :)

  4. Great job on the garden!! Those strawberries are so cute! And yes, women should support each other instead of tearing each other down. I agree. Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  5. Ok I absolutely LOVE that her magic word was NOT please or thank you, that's totally something my daughter would say! Love it. And I am so jealous of your plants! I'm currently crossing my fingers/toes that my plants stay alive, so far so good. That's probably because it's been raining so there's been no chance for me to forget to water them, lol.

  6. Good job on your garden!

    Kids say the darndest things. I love it!!

  7. Love the nature shots... I have been craving camping lately, too.

    Also, sure wish I had a goddess group... teleport away when you've got that figured out!

    happy Wed. to you!



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