Friday, June 3, 2011

HoLLa: Weight Loss Update & Other Non-Related Tidbits!

So back to the grind this week…
Well, I tried at least. Per usual; I did great on the diet aspect and had an EPIC FAIL where the gym is concerned. Sadly I have to report that I only made it to the gym twice last week. Yeah, I suppose twice is better than none, or once even. But ugh – I have higher expectations of myself and hate to disappoint the boss!
And the scale reflected as I gained a lb.


Although this whole PMS/overdue period thing (no I am not preggo either – just wicked late which happens on occasion for me) is NOT helping. I feel worn down, bloated, and just unmotivated.
I love ya Mother Nature but cut a girl some slack PLEASE!

I will do better this week. I am working ALL weekend (open- close both Saturday and Sunday) but come Monday I am killing it!
‘Nuff said…

Moving on to Non-HoLLa stuff…

Skylar and I made and mailed out the invites for her 2nd Birthday Bash today! She was SO excited to help and came with when we mailed them – I wanted her to be part of the *experience*!

I cannot believe she is going to be two…
But I also have a hard time thinking what life was like without her?
But she is SO super psyched for her Cinderella Birthday Party! She was chattering away talking the lady’s ear off at the bakery today when we were ordering her cake (a Cinderella cupcake cake of course).
So stinkin’ cute!

Mailing the invites and ordering the cake was the last of the major duties (other than buying and prepping the food) that we needed to do for her soirree. Oh and praying that her gift from gets her on time!!!

Oh and look what Miss Thing got today…

This ADORABLE area rug I found at Wally World for a mere $30! Can you tell she is Princess crazy?

Me too… but shhhh!

Oh yeah -- I’m a Weiner!

I won this AMAZING Simply Organic shampoo and conditioner from a GiVeAwAy on
Chubby Cheeks Blog. Thanks Kim!
Please check out her blog – she has great GiVeAwAyS and links tons of HOPS!
I love this line of products already. And I was super stoked to see a little surprise gift of lip balm! Everything is organic and smells wonderful!!!
I am loving the shampoo and have to get used to the conditioner because I am a conditioner HOG – I use TONS to get this mop tamed! I am trying to wean myself of this addiction…

DaTe NiGhT!

Yeah an impromptu dinner out – okay so it was just a little jaunt to our local Chinese Buffet – but even just an hour out alone counts as a *date* in my book!

Although I was super miffed at the lack of vegetarian choices. It was utter carnage and clogged artery heaven. Brian ’d it – lol! I ate vegetarian sushi (avocado & cucumber) because even the spinach on the buffet was drowning in oyster sauce.
Thankfully this buffet has a killer made-to-order sushi bar!

Besides… it was really all about the company!

Once again, even though I really don’t drink much (especially the hard stuff) I HAD to post this cocktail for obvious reasons…
Who Knew???
(I might have to try one of these soon just outta respect!)

The Purple Goddess

You’ll Need:
DeKuyper Island Blue Pucker Schnapps
Raspberry Schnapps
Lemon Lime Soda

In a martini shaker fill halfway with ice.
Pour 3 Ounces of Island Blue Pucker,
1.5 Ounces of Raspberry Schnapps,
3 Ounces of Vodka,
Top with lemon lime soda
Shake, strain into martini glasses and enjoy!



  1. Miss Skylar is too cute!! I love her princess room with the rug.

    Date night is a great time for couples. It can be for any length of time. Parents need this to remember that they started as a couple. It helps to strenghten the bond.

    As for that cocktail, it looks delish. I will have to try it.
    Thanks for the receipe.

  2. The cocktail sounds delicious Cyn, and what gir... ahem, woman, isn't secretly a princess freak? Although I really think it is the tiara and you can buy those off ebay without the rules and regs of being a princess. Here's to being Queen!

  3. Great blog, love your photography! Pinned your button to my blog & joined the 30 day challenge...I also have a royal Skylar :) Yours is adorable as well.

  4. Skylar is a doll. I am just like you when during times of weight loss. Great at the diet part of diet & exercise. ;) Good luck! And shoot, I was follower number 399. I wish I was 400. Congrats on that soon to be milestone! I found you through the blog hop, come on by if you have a chance! xoxo!

  5. hey, I posted a Harry & the Hendersons pic today....haha coincidence.

    second, I'm a veggie also.

    third, your man is fine.

    damn! Have a good day!

  6. This looks awesome, I'll def have to try it! Found you at the Monday Blog Hop, and am glad I did! Am a happy new follower :).

  7. You're over 400 followers now!
    I love your background and design, so pretty!

    Thanks for linking up at Mom Blog Monday! I am now following you back from!


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