Thursday, June 9, 2011

THinGs I am L♥VIN' Thursday

‘Ello BloG-o-SPheRe!

It is thunderin’ and a lightnin’ like a MoFo as I sit here and type – wowies!
I tried to get some photos of the lightning – but alas!
This is the best I got – boo hiss!

I love thunder and lightning but didn’t wanna get my camera wet – lol – I suck!

Speaking of cameras… don’t ya just love this?

Other things I am L♥VIN’…
I love this amazing
tutorial by Lesley at Fabulously Flawed.
Her blog rocks… go read it now -- ‘nuff said!

And what I L♥VE the most about this…
Following Lesley’s how-to – I SO could make this!


We L♥VE this stuff. I have a salad every day for lunch just about and I always have a wheat pita with some hummus and this amazing spread on it as well. It’s sweet, zippy, and SUPER DELISH all in one! I wish they made it by the gallon!
Oh and as we were told today by the wicked nice gal at Trader Joe’s today – it makes a superb base for pizza, especially on Naan bread!
Oh heck yeah – count me in!

SO MUCH L♥VE for this…

Finally a national retailer getting a clue and putting some
PRIDE out there – YaY Old Navy!
Truly showing their support, Old Navy will donate 10% of the proceeds from these tees to the
It Gets Better Project, (LOVE this project – click the link NOW!) a campaign launched by writer Dan Savage to give the youth a positive perspective to the lives and lifestyles of openly same-gender-loving people.

I have suddenly fallen in love with the color brown and all the fabulous tones that encompass the *brown family* in regards to clothing.
My bathing suit it brown, I just got a new brown dress, and I am so diggin’ the color.
Is brown my new black?
I hope so… I SO need to get out from under black’s hold on my wardrobe!

Me want it ALL!

Moving on to ♥purple♥…

I’M IN UTTER L♥VE with this bedroom and more so with the dressing room/closet.
Now how can I talk Brian into something like this… ?

Don’t you just want to be here?

Santorini Island, Greece

Happy 48th Birthday Mr. Depp!

Looking DAYUM good!



  1. Oh my...I would love a closet like that. I have a really big walk in closet but it's boring and sad. It needs work. Purple would make me feel like royalty me thinks. I was scrolling down and when I saw that you mentioned my blog, I let out a pretty loud, " Eeeeep! "
    My dog jumped.

  2. Hope ya don't mind -- I truly L♥VED that sign you made SO much and wanted to share!

  3. Just visited through the blog hop!! I will follow you and Hope you will visit and follow me as well....I would LOVE LOVE a closet like this one!!!

  4. same gender loving.....such a nice ring/ting.

    Johnny Depp is 48! wow! hotness into your 50's is possible....I'm a happy man.

    I bought a Kitchen Aid food processor and have been making my own hummus (not homos) by the gallon, its fun to mix my own spices in....yay times!

  5. I'm from Java's 40 over I'm your latest follower too. Nice to meet you. Johnny Depp is soooooooooo HOT! Love your post.

  6. Ok so I had this nice comment to leave about the shoe closet and how I wanted one and then you had to post pictures of Johnny Depp. You completely lost me! That is one talented and gorgeous man :)

  7. Oh my goodness!! You've included so many wonderful things in this post, I don't know where to begin to comment!! Love the photo of the little one with the camera!! It's as big as him!!!! We had a storm come thru last nite, as well. I love a good thunder storm but, unfortunately, I was in my car when it hit which means I had to run into the house when the rain was falling down pretty hard and I absolutely hate the feeling of wet clothes on my body. BLAH!!! And, as for Mr. Depp, he is certainly like a fine wine ... improving with age each and every year. YUMMY!!! :) Have a great weekend!!

    ~ Wendy

  8. Way to pack in a bunch of stuff!

    Speaking of being fixated on a color... You would have been so proud of me last weekend. I was a on a purple fix... I got a new wallet that's white with purple flowers, and a handbag with a similar design in the same colors and I picked a purple polish for my nails when I got my mani and pedi... I thought of you everytime I picked something purple. :P I might have to take some pics and post them for you.

  9. Hi! I am visiting from the hop! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me back! My most recent blog post explains how in case my blogger follow button is down! thanks so much!

  10. The little kid with the camera, adorable!

    The bedroom, oh, what a dream!

    Johnny Depp, that is another type of dream LOL!

    I was loving your pictures!!!

  11. Hey Cyn, I do love the closet but maybe not in purple. What about a new shade of brown? Brian might agree to that {wink}.

    I have to try that pepper spread and the naan pizza, yum!

  12. Hey there purple lady! thanks for stopping by and following me at Forgive and Forget the Fat! I'm following you too now!


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