Friday, June 24, 2011

FaMiLy NiTe OuT

Last night was SO much stinkin’ fun!!!
I cannot speak for the men folk – but I had a blast! And nothing makes me happier than being with my guys!

Dinner was YuMMo!



Chopstick war!

Brian and his kiwi-stache... *heh*


Us -- sad that we have so few pics together!

After dinner we went to the movies to see The Green Lantern. (The boys saw the new Xmen movie because they saw The Green Lantern last weekend with their friends).
Oh and did I mention we saw it in 3D? Brian’s very first 3D movie ever I might add!
Yeah I know… how can a major movie buff like Brian be 37 years old and have never seen a 3D movie?
But he hasn’t… and let’s just say, he is *ruined* for life now and only wants to see movies in 3D!

The movie was great – but we are comic book/super hero/action movie types. And I have to admit that I wasn’t really in the know about The Green Lantern – his story, background, abilities, etc. So it was kinda refreshing to go into a movie and be awed and enlightened!

And Ryan Reynolds – good lordy – his body is RIDICULOUS! He looked SUPER hot in that green suit that clung to every inch of his SUPER DUPER chiseled bod!
*fans self*

And of course Brian had to pose in front of the life-size posters – L♥VE it!

Yep – Transformers! I wasn’t overly hyped to see it but I have to admit the trailer (in 3D no less) last night sold me. It looks phenomenal and we will go see it in 3D too!!!
Mark your calendars – June 29th! Although I would never get caught dead in a theater on opening night – a true sign of old age – sigh!

A great night and something we need to make a point of doing more often despite all of our busy lives!



  1. Awww!! Looks like so much fun!

    I never see a movie on opening night either... A product of having worked in a movie theater. I hate crowded movie theaters! I'm also really anal about cleanliness. The theater I worked for was pretty clean (as far as movie theaters go) so the standard is high. :P

  2. Love the pictures!!

    Its been awhile since i went to see 3D movie. At least from what I have seen, the glasses have improved they are not those flimsy cardboard.

    Glad you had a great night with your men!!

  3. It makes me laugh that he's posing in front of the life-sized movie ads because my hubby would do the SAME THING! (Of course, my hubby is also counting down until Transformers-and has been for a while!)

  4. Definitely looks like you all had a great night, yay! Can I just say I haven't seen a 3D movie since I was like 5? Oh and YAYAYAAAA for getting a pic of you on your blog :)

  5. Looks like fun. Love that mustache, giggle. We're passing on the Green Lantern ( it'll be a dvd for us) But very excited to see the new transformers. Hugs and have a happy weekend!
    P.S. Ryan Reynolds..Yum! Hmm does that make me a dirty old lady LOL

  6. love Brian's "Tap Out" shirt.

    Depeche Mode's Precious background music = AWESOME

    muhwah purple goddess!

  7. I had no intention of seeing the Green Lantern, but Ryan Reynolds, you say? I am so there. Yum-my.


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