Sunday, June 12, 2011

HaPPy SuNdaY!

So Skylar’s Cindrella Birthday Bash was a SUPER success! She had a WONDERFUL time and I truly think the other partygoers did as well…
I am in the process of editing the pictures from her party… but had to post at least SOMETHING!

And YaY for no rain today!
Doesn't mean that we didn't have unseasonable chilly weather (60 in mid-June? Really!?!?) and the MOST dense gray sky ever -- but I asked for no rain and I got it.

So I mentiond last night the Brian was in the midst of putting together her ADORABLE pink retro kitchen… well 2 ½ hours later he finished!
It was tedious but turned out amazing!

Before… 13 bajillion pieces.


AFTER -- *tah-dah*!
Isn’t it too cute?

Obviously a decent sized PINK kitchen wouldn’t go unnoticed in the middle of the living room (we are moving it upstairs eventually) so Miss Birthday Party got to get a present first thing this morning.

She loved it – especially the phone – ha!
Such MY child…

The rest of the morning was spent getting ready for the party and doing errands like picking up THE CAKE!

Other than a little (I use that term lightly) glitch with the awning our friends so graciously let us borrow… everything else preparation wise went smoothly.
So I used the down time before guests arrived to shoot some family photos.
The beautiful BIRTHDAY GIRL!
Can you believe she refused to wear her Cinderella dress? I think she somehow knew it just wasn't weather appropriate?

Daddy and his girl!

Hunter, Skylar, and Peyton...
Gee... do my sons look forced to do this picture or what?!?! Now ya see why they are in my blog so infrequently and when they are it is usually against their will or after bribery!

EEEESH -- I don't know why the fellas are generally so anti-photo?!?!

My gorgeous daughter and I...

And a teeny pic preview of the decorations.
Yes -- not even some cruddy weather kept us indoors!

I cannot wait to post the rest of the pictures!
For the rest of my life when I think back on this day I will always think of my daughter skipping around the yard saying over and over...
*I love my party!*

That my friends is what it is truly all about!


Oh yes... I am going to have a GiVeAwAy this week -- my very first -- in honor of Miss Skylar's (who is such a MAJOR part of my blog) 2nd Birthday! Her actual birthday is this Tuesday June 14th... so STAY TUNED!!!
*giddy jumping up and down


  1. I'm so glad that the party went well! She is such a cutie.

    Looking forward to your giveaway...

  2. Glad it didn't rain and that Skylar loved her party! Can't wait to see the other pics.

  3. YAY for no rain! Can I please have a pink kitchen for my birthday? It's in November :)

    I'm glad she had such a good time! It sounds like she really was a Princess for the day :)


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