Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HaPPy Goddess Tuesday!

First I wanna say – THANK YOU THANK YOU – for my 400+ Followers! And a special SHOUT OUT to the newest followers! And to my tried and true bloggy friends too of course. I write this blog for myself first and foremost – but I do love the comments and feedback more than I can ever express!
This blog has been so MUCH more rewarding that I ever anticipated!
*sigh in bloggy lovedom*

Moving along…
It’s AMAZING what solid sleep can do for the body, mind, and soul! I feel a gazillion times better than yesterday and all because my precious daughter slept through the night. Okay she woke up at 5:30am, came into bed with us (she does this every day) and fell back asleep until 7am. I will GLADLY take that!
Plus I L♥VE the morning snuggles…

Despite my lack of sleep – we had a nice day yesterday!

Here she is playing with some old jewlery of mine I came across recently…

Princess Skylar! She talks NON-STOP about her Cinderella Birthday Party this coming Sunday…

Finally tuckerin’ out…

She is SUCH a good girl and even though I may get frustrated from a lack of sleep (among other things) – I wouldn’t want my life any other way.

Hey did ya check out my new & improved new header? Yeah – I made that on a whim this morning whilst drinking my cuppa joe! I am diggin’ it. I think it fits the *feel* of my blog?
And I made this too -- ♥♥♥♥♥
Wish I knew who to give credit to in regards to the quote – I found it in some notes I jotted down.

I have been doing the
june:photo-a-day challenge faithfully – posted in my photo-a-day tab directly below my spanky new header. Anyone else playing along?

Tonight is Goddess Group – YaY!

I need some Goddess Goodness.

I found this pic – I think I need one of these in my life (as Angela would say). Actually I think it would be REALLY cool in Skylar’s Kingdom with some minor adjustments in locations.

Time to get this glorious day underway and me thinks Skylar and I shall spend some of it in the pool and basking in this wonderous sunshine!

HaPPy Goddess Tuesday!


  1. yay....I'm friend 400! woo hoo. glad I met yah.

  2. Ok, if you find that sign, please let me know where it is! I'd love to take a trip to Narnia, Toad's House OR Hogwarts :)

    And I love the new header with the purple peacock feather!

  3. That tree pic is one of my favorites! Probably because it's so "dancey." :P

    Enjoy the sun and the pool today... Sounds like heaven! I totally want to crash your backyard. LOL!!

  4. xoxoxoxo my friend:)
    btw..don't think Im not gonna have to make my own sign.:) You know what it will say......lol

  5. Congrats and happy to be a new follower. TY for stopping by my blog.

  6. Your daughter is precious! Also had to say I love all the purple. It's my favorite color! :)

  7. Love the pics of Skylar and sooo glad you got some good sleep! It makes such a difference. The pics you posted today are awesome btw, the signs are just perfect and I love the Goddess Tree!

  8. Great job on the new heading!

    Sleep, how much I love you. How much I miss you when I am deprived.

    Glad you can get a little more sleep and precious time with your sweet baby.

  9. Your Header looks great!

    Love the pictures of your darling little girl!!

    Sleep always makes you feel better!


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