Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Barbie Kinda Day...


  1. My niece had a little Barbie convertible like that.

    I loved my Barbie's when I was litte. My mom actually still has some of mine and now my niece plays with them when she's at my parent's house. I get all nostalgic when I see them. :P

    I love how you always dress Skylar up so pretty. You're preping her up to be a girly girl. Love it!

  2. Well this one was actually in WalMart but Skylar INSISTED on going for a drive -- and of course me being me -- I had my pocket camera on hand!

    Skylar LOVES her Barbies and I am amazed at how well she plays and takes care of them for only being a wee bit shy of 21 months old.
    I LOVED mine as a kid too -- my numero uno toy -- but man oh man did they take a beating. I still have them packed up somewhere but guaranteed most have bad haircuts and dye jobs -- *heh*

    And thanks -- I make it a point to have her dolled up daily and teach her to take pride in her appearance -- she is SUCH a girly-girl!


  3. What a cutie! I wish I had had a car like that when I was little!
    Thanks for the follow!
    Following you back!

  4. Oh my goodness, She is stylin' in her car!!

    Such a doll!


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