Thursday, March 17, 2011

HoLLa: Weight Loss Update

Here we are at the beginning of week four – WoWie!

So to update:

I am still on track, made it to the gym four times last week -- aiming for five this week – and I am loving how the gym is becoming a part of my life.
I did 10.8 miles of walking putting me at 36.8 total on the virtual Trans American Trail! (I am 3.6 miles away from Charles City, VA!)
At weigh-in yesterday morning I was exactly the same – not a loss or a gain. I am okay with this considering we had date night last week, went to Friendly’s for burgers and ice cream on Monday, and I was PMS’n something fierce which equates to one killer sweet tooth!
I am thinking of changing my weigh-in day to Friday though. I have always been a Friday weigh-in kinda gal – it feels right and I want every aspect of this to feel right. So I will make another update on Friday or Saturday.

I posted my weekly progress pic in the tab named ♥fifty-two♥. Surprisingly I don’t want to jump off the nearest bridge even though I allowed myself to be photographed in a WHITE shirt. Yeah I have room for improvement – but I am working on that!
*big smile*
I bought this bikini today. It’s nothing extreme – although I do like it and personally think the picture doesn’t do it justice. I splurged (a whole $24 at Wal-Mart – they carry a line of Op bathing suits – who knew?) and hope it will be the incentive I need!
They had an ADORABLE purple string bikini but I need a little more coverage on the bottom. Even at my thinnest I have never felt super comfy in a stringed bottom.

Pool season is just months away – matter of fact our pool is scheduled to be opened the week before MEMORIAL DAY – as in the end of May – as in 2 ½ months away!!!

And I refuse to be uncomfortable in my own skin AND a bathing suit by the pool this summer!

All in all – I am in a really good place in my own head and skin right now. I feel in control and quite happy to be me – and that is NEVER a bad thing!

Blessed Be…


  1. I am TOTALLY with you...we uncovered the pool a few days ago and I started RUNNING! I want to feel good come summer! buh-bye baby fat!

  2. Sounds like your doing great! Hope you rock that bikini this summer. Thanks for the follow - now following you back

  3. You own a white shirt? :P Looking good, Cyn!

    Love that suit! I wore a string bikini one summer, but that was 15 lbs ago and I was really fit. Narry a jiggle in site. :P I have a bikini from 6 years ago that I would love to get back in to. Almost there!

  4. That's a cute bikini! Congratulations for remaining on track! Keep it up! :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and for following. I'm following back.

  5. Good luck with our weight loss plan!
    Thanks for dropping by, I am following back,

    Happy St. Patty's day!

    Hip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies

  6. I hope you keep up! Good will to that :)
    Happy St. Patrick's day :) well in the Caribbean we don't celebrate it but this year I thought I'd change it, but it didn't go as I planned :P

    Have a great weekend and I'll be back to follow more posts! Thank you for stopping by my blog as well

  7. Keep up the great work! Glad to know that you are happy to be you! If we could all feel that way it would be a much better place! Keep up that attitude it will take you far!

    Thanks Cyn for stopping by my blog! Its nice to virtually meet you!I'm following you too! This is so much fun!

  8. good luck meeting your weight loss goals!

    following you back from the blog hop! I am following both of your blogs-was trying to comment on your photo blog, but couldn't-they are great pictures!


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