Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HoLLa: Weight Loss Update

HoLLa: Weight Loss Update!

So can you believe that today is the beginning of week three since joining the gym and getting back to a healthy lifestyle???
I will be posting some pics later tonight when Brian gets home from work and can take a few of me.

I finally got the scale situation remedied and guess what?
I have lost SIX lbs and feel like a bajillion dollars already!

I also learned that my scale was oh-so-wrong – I thought it was adding weight and it was actually subtracting!
So sadly when thought I had regained 9 lbs. since my last *official* Weight Watcher meeting/weigh-in I had actually regained 15 lbs!
*breathe in – breathe out*
It’s gonna be okay – I am on the right path now and this is a fixable thing.
And did I mention that I have lost SIX POUNDS?!?!

The point is this – I feel a million times better than I did eating junk non-stop and not watching my portions. And let’s not even get going on how good the gym makes me feel.
Okay let’s…
The gym is my sacred place…
My Shangri La…
My therapy in more ways than I can ever relay!

Even if I never reached my goal weight (which of course I will) the way being at the gym for even just an hour clears my jumbled, over-stressed head is worth it alone!

So things are going really well and I feel myself changing from the inside out on a daily basis!
I have gotten over that *guilt* I tend to feel when it comes to dedicating any significant amount of time to something solely for me.

Why do we gals do that?
Am I not worth an hour and a half a day?
Am I not worth being the healthiest I can be?
The happiest I can be?

Oh I most definitely think I am!
And so do those that love me.

I am worth being the best ME I can be!

Blessed Be…

I am still tracking my food and activity faithfully on Sparkpeople and virtually walking The Trans American Trail! I have completed 27.5 mi and am 1.50 mi away from Chickahominy River, VA!



  1. YAY!! Congrats on the loss! That's awesome!

    My scale did that to me once. It was subtracting 10 lbs. When I found out, I had lost 10 lbs by that point, but it felt like I was starting over again. Totally sucks!

    I haven't decided whether or not to join the gym... Maybe it's because I'm chicken shit and my husband won't come with me. No fun going alone...

    Ah...well... Did I say "YAY"? :P YAY!

  2. Thanks!

    That's kinda how I feel -- like I am starting all over again. But so glad I found out now and not plus 6lbs!

    As far as being chicken shit about the gym -- can I just tell you that I felt the exact same way -- I wanted Brian to come with me all the time and for the first 2-3 days he did and now he uses every excuse under the sun to blow us (the gym & I) off. And honestly -- I am rather enjoying the *me* time without him! Heh-heh! I love the man but sometimes its nice to move at my own pace and just make it ALL about me! :D

  3. I refused to keep a scale in the house. Only WI on Thursdays at my WW meeting. Glad that you are doing so great and you are very close to my area in your virtual walk. Take Care Kim

  4. Oh cool Kim -- I will *virtually wave* as I walk by -- *heh*!

    Yeah, I am not a fan of the scale in the house either -- just gotta limit myself to a once-a-week weigh-in and thus far I have!

    So nice to see ya Kim!!!



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