Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Wanna Go To Friendly's...

Tonight we went to Friendly's in support of our family friend and her fundraiser to raise money for her son and Autism Speaks a foundation she is so devoted and passionate about. I wish I had the words to express how inspiring this woman is in her dedication to this cause and her child.

Friendly's donates 15% of the pre-taxed total of your bill and it was a nice way to show our support and have some family fun.

PLUS... burgers (or a pre-packed PB&J if you are a picky 21 month old eater) and ice cream with friends for a worthy cause is never a bad thing!

On a side note -- Happy 21 Months to our Skylar Rockets! I can't believe my baby is a mere three months away from turning two.
Our Princess...



  1. What a good and heartfelt story of support. Sometimes we forget how easy it is to help our causes, as easy as going out to dinner! And I love the peanut butter sandwich part! Lol

    Thank you for the follow, I am your newest follower.

    Karen Andrews

  2. Thanks for following! I'm following back and looking around your site!


  3. I love friendly's and miss it so much! I'm originally from the NE. We don't have them out here on the west coast, my husband doesn't even know what it is...

    I love Autism Speaks, follow them on twitter and am always looking for ways to support them! What a satisfying meal--tasty and for a great cause!

    Thanks so much for following! I am now following back. Love your photos!

  4. Girl! That burger looks good! :P

    What a great way to support a good cause. Your friend sounds like an amazing woman!

  5. I love the princesses dancing around your chocolate ice cream. That picture tells the story of my life. It's perfect.

  6. Happy 21 months, cutie!

    Friendly's is amazing. Sadly the one closest to me got shut down because they weren't keeping up with sanitary codes. :( So we have a travel a bit to get to the next one. Love their chicken tenders!

  7. A great cause to support! Your daughter is adorable...I was/am a big Disney princess fan. ;)

  8. Your little one is so cute! Thanks for the follow-I'm following you back ;0)


  9. Thanks for dropping by with the sweetio comment! I'd go to Friendly's just for that milkshake, which sounds really good right about now! Happy Tuesday

  10. Love Friendly's. We no longer have one in town. Hope the fundraiser was successful - great organization. Following back.


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