Sunday, March 27, 2011


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In Other News:

Not sure what to say about this ensemble -- this is what she was wearing when I came home from work last night! Brian has good taste -- USUALLY -- don't know what possessed him to create this *look*?!?! His defense: It was on the hanger together! Which I find hard to believe seeing how the pants are actually pajama bottoms!!! *shakes head*

My contribution is the gloves and hat which are courtesy of Target's lovely $1 bins! LOVE them for *missed you* goodies after a long day at work when I am feeling uber guilty for being gone nine hours away from my little girl! Super fun AND cheap for dress-up!

Happy Sunday! Oh yes -- I really want to welcome and thank all of my new followers!!! I appreciate your comments and the time you take to read my silliness. I may not respond to every comment but I do read them and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them dearly!!! xxoo! ♥cyn♥


  1. So good to meet you Cyn, thank you for stopping by from Sunday blog hop. I am follower #270 Yippeee. The outfit looks great by the way, as little girls like my daughter likes to look.

    Lisa @ Lesapea xx

  2. Adorable and quite stylish. My little girl dresses herself in really random combinations lately. I've given up on trying to sway her.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back! Great photography! Good luck with the weight loss this week. Last week was my week one (again!!) and it was a total fail! I will try to do better too!

  3. :-) It looks like something my littlest girl would come up with, too, while playing dress up. Usually when she's a princess. lol Tutu's can make the outfit too... ;-)

    Have a happy Sunday!

  4. I have to laugh :)....its looks like an outfit my little one would put together too! So Cute!! & I love that $ spot at TARGET too :) So many great little finds!

    So glad you stopped by! Following you back :)

  5. Aw that's very cute! I love the pink, I have two boys so no girly dress ups for us :(

  6. Hey, you dropped by blog and left a sweet comment about my scarves. Thought I'd return the favor. This picture is cracking me up, because my husand is the same way. I have all my daughters' clothes hanging in their closets. When I come home after he's watched them, they'll be in clothes I meant for donation or in pj bottoms. This is just hilarious! Gotta love our men.

  7. That pink outfit is cute... the hat!

  8. I think she looks quite stylish and what is better than the color pink!
    Following from I love my Online Friends!

  9. She is so cute!! I love her outfit, I wish I could pull that off in public while still looking adorable =)
    I'm a new follower, find me @

  10. She's so cute! -- This looks like an ensemble my daughter would put together, LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now following you.

  11. She looks cute! New follower, looking forward to new posts :)

  12. Love your blog! I'm your newest follower! :)

  13. I'm from Spring Blog Hop

    I am a now following you and hope you check out my blog as well

    Evoluchun's Miscellaneous

  14. Too cute! Atleast at her age an outfit like that is acceptable. :P People will just think she dressed herself that day.

    Don't know what Brian's excuse is.. LOL!!

  15. Its the hat that makes the ensemble. *lol*

  16. pink Michael Jackson! :)
    she's so cute, and anything goes with kids. whatever they wear, they're still gorgeous!

    i'm a new follower by the way <3

  17. I found you through the “I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop!”

    I am a new follower on GFC. (Anja M.)

    Hope you will follow me back at This and That

  18. THANK YOU ALL!!!!



  19. I am following you from the Tuesday Blog Hop - Because your PURPLE! p.s. I love the Target bins - thats where we picked up wooden trains for my son!


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