Friday, March 4, 2011

HoLLa: Weight Loss Update

I made a
post about wanting to virtually walk The Trans American Trail.

Since rejoining the gym and getting back into the swing of all things active and exercise related (Man do I feel AMAZING for doing so…) – I am back to my original plan and am happy to report that I am 19.2 mi (I am still including the 7 miles I accumulated in January OF COURSE!) closer to my goal and am virtually only 1.85 miles from Jamestown Virginia!


I am loving the gym!
I promised I wouldn’t let one ignorant comment detour me and I haven’t. I vowed to go at least three times a week and I went five this past week. YaY!

Tuesday marked the end of my first week back in the full-swing of a healthy lifestyle and sadly my scale has decided to die so I couldn’t get an *official* weigh-in.

Does *feeling* thinner count?

I will try to have the scale situation remedied ASAP because as much as I don’t like to be ruled by the scale – I do like to see results in terms of numbers!

I am still documenting my progress via photography and got Brian to shoot a full-body of me on Tuesday.
You can see my progress in the tab labeled *fifty-two*.

Blessed Be…


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling so positive and doing well! I, on the other hand, have stumbled - darn cupcakes are trying to do me in! Anyhow, I am still trying to stick with the WW plan. Congrats! xoxo Kim

  2. So glad to hear that you're loving the gym.

    Yes, feeling thinner counts.. well in my book it does. It's not just aboutlosing weigh. It's also about feeling better about yourself. If you feel thinner, you're more confident and will be less critical on yourself. Enjoy the feeling!

  3. Kim -- Hiya! So nice to hear from ya! Yeah those dang cupcakes WILL do it. We all stumble -- dusting off and getting back in the saddle is so hard but can be done. I am backpeddling trying to relose 9lbs that I regained and that just burnsssss me! But this is life!
    I wish ya nothing but luck on WW -- the plan works when you work the plan! xxoo!

  4. Marie -- SO true!!! Did ya ever decide to join the gym? I am so glad I decided to nix my WW membership in lieu of Planet Fitness. I am actually saving $20.00 a month that now goes to *date night* with Brian!


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