Friday, July 8, 2011

10 Days of BS: Day Eight

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★Day 08- Has a person of the same sex made a pass at you, and what was your reaction?

I used to work in a strip club for quite a few years… oh the stories I could tell – but that is a WHOLE other post.

Anywho – I used to work in a seedy strip club that pretty much lived up to the typical cliches of such establishments. And the rumors that most dancers are lesbian and/or bisexual are true; at least in my experience. So yes – I have been hit on by other women – almost daily in fact back in those days – and many times before and since.

My reaction?

I think sexuality is a gift – and I have embraced my gift openly and because of this I have no issue with anyone’s choice in what melts their butter. As long as all parties are willing and happy to oblige – who gives a flip?

Plus come on – women are sexy. We (generally) are soft, have curves, smell nice, and flaunt it. Even if you aren’t into chicks you have to at least appreciate our bonafide sexiness as a gender!

So with that being said…
I am always flattered by ANYONE who flirts with me and am gracious to those who do it with respect, dignity, and fun.
So bring on the flirtin’ – LOL!



  1. I'm not a lesbian but I do appreciate a woman's beauty and sexiness. I think as humans we are sexual beings and I agree with you as long as no one is hurting someone then people can do what they want.

  2. Awesome post!!

    Although I am not a lesbian, I am bi and love it!

    Women are beautiful inside and out.

    Kuddos to you :) And if ya lived closer I would love to meet up :)

    Cheers ;)


  3. I'm so lame... I don't notice it when people are hitting on me... My sister likes to point out when guys are checking me out, but I'm totally oblivious to it.

    As a heterosexual woman, I agree. We are just naturally the sexier gender. I have no problem pointing out a hot girl to my husband, but my standards are higher than his. She has to have a great body and a pretty face. :P

  4. You are soo right!!

    Whatever floats your boat is fine.
    I wish everyone felt that same way.

    I think the human body can be very beautiful whether male or female.

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  6. Not I"m intruiged. You worked at a strip club??

  7. It's great being able to be comfortable with your sexuality, many people aren't and I can only imagine the difficult time they must have. I wanted to be a stripper before! LOL

  8. So you weren't appalled at my "sexy dress" comment the other day? Phew. ;-)

    I agree that sexuality is a gift, and I've identified as bisexual ever since I learned what that meant, even though I have been in monogamous relationships with men for most of my adult life.

    Women are gorgeous!

  9. Thanks for the comment. You rock.

  10. curves are nice but so is a groomed Magnum PI chest....come on ladies!


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