Monday, July 11, 2011

HoLLa: Weight Loss Update & Confessions

(Dontcha just L♥VE Betty???)

Ello Blog-o-sphere!

So I haven't written a weight loss update in a couple of weeks (busy, busy, STRESSED, busy gal) so I figured I best get to it.

So here goes…
At last Friday’s weigh-in I was down a total of 5.2 lbs since starting the 30 Day Shred on July 4th!!
*Cues “Can’t Touch This” and starts to break out her best MCHammer moves*

Of course I mentioned that I restarted it with my son last Thursday and we were off to a killer start – but then the weekend hit – I work a good portion of the weekend and the boys had a sleepover and a totally separate birthday party to attend.

Excuses – valid; but not good enough to skip our workout the past two days.

Tomorrow we are back in actions – NO EXCUSES!

Diet wise – I am doing good.
I am 100% Vegan and doing well with avoiding my nemesis – CANDY!

I feel good about my choices and certainly about losing 5.2 lbs!
I feel like I am on a roll… and will not let a couple of downer days derail me!

So a little confession of I sorts...
I am currently seeking help for anxiety. And by saying I am *seeking help* I mean I am seeking medical attention at the moment. Where that leads? Who knows?

It is something I have known has been an issue for me for quite awhile but also something I was hoping I could handle on my own. It has become apparent to me that I cannot.
I wonder if I am not suffering from a bit of depression – maybe even post partum? I am not sure… but the fact is that I haven’t felt like ME in a very long time and I think I need some help.
Either way – I can only rise up from here.
I am trying to not overthink the process until I know exactly what is wrong – all I know right now is that something is definitely wrong.
And it is amazing how just saying that much has helped me.
I feel good about the path I am on...
Updates to follow!

So to end this post on a high note – here are some photos of Skylar at the pool and her just being the cutest little nudist in the world.



  1. you are inspiring, anxiety flows like wine through my vines also.....and of course wine flows through my vines because I drink nightly.

    you are connected to emotion and that is a gift. Its a roller coaster ride, keep those hands up, you gots this gurl!

  2. Great job on the weight loss. Wish I could stay motivated in this cold.

  3. Congrats on your weight loss, Cyn! You're rocking the Shred and veganism. YAY!!!

    It's great that you are getting help for your anxiety and possible depression. I can honestly say that without all the medical help that I've received over the years for my mental health issues (anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc...), I probably wouldn't be here. So I highly believe in that stuff!

  4. Way to go on your weight loss!

    I wish you all the best in succeeding with dealing with your anxiety and depression. Life changes are stressful but sometimes you have to recognize when it is more than just the 'normal' off day here and there.

  5. Who doesn't love Betty?

    Great loss! Just proves that hard work pays off.

    My sister is bi-polar and used to take meds for depression and anxiety. Like Leah, she probably wouldn't be here if she hadn't gotten help. Seeing from my perspective, her getting was good for her and the whole family unit.

  6. Congrats on losing weight!

    You hare learning what you need to do. Good for you in taking the step that you need to improve your inner self. Hope you find the answers to what you are looking for.

    Your daughter is precious!!

  7. Following you from Over 40 GFC hop! Hope you'll follow back :)


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