Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sh*t I Hate Sunday...

I generally live by the belief that positive energy brings positive things... BUT sometimes ya just gotta vent and get shit off your chest. I think if I vented a bit more in a positive way -- I might feel a lot less on the verge of having a meltdown.

So with that being said...
I have decided to play along with this fun hop.
Link up, rock the button, and play along if ya feel like it.

I hate people who kiss ass -- especially on Facebook -- you know the type; no matter what certain people post they ALWAYS *like* it or make comments about it. So annoying and transparent...

I hate that my Goddess Group is on hiatus for the summer. I TOTALLY get why -- people are busy this time of year being elsewhere -- but doesn't mean I won't miss my girls and our kickass chickness!

I hate that the very first day I wore my brandy-new peacock feather earrings I lost one... super FAIL!

I hate that I haven't been true to myself in too long to remember... but I am SO working on that and will bounce back and then you are all screwed... HA!

I hate that my hair is turning gray -- wait -- I LOATHE that my hair is going gray. Yeah, yeah I am 41 in years but seriously I only feel 31 at best and that is way too friggen young to have gray! And yes there is hair color -- but ack trying to blend my roots to the rest of my color sucketh... boo hiss!

I hate that I let my cute little herb garden bite the dust... okay I still have rosemary and chives -- but my sage, oregano, and basil are toast. Sad!

And last but not least and certainly my biggest rant...
I hate when people come to my work (I work in retail photography -- The Studio at Target to be exact) and want the same service they would receive at a private photographer for Target prices. Seriously -- a private photographer can charge $500 just for a sitting fee -- that is NOT including portraits-- which can cost into the thousands of dollars. They usually have at least one assistant and have THREE HOURS for a sitting. If you want your babies portraits to look like all the FABULOUS shots you see on Google images or Pintrest -- PAY FOR THEM! Not that we don't do amazing work -- we DO -- but we are on a tight schedule -- ten minute sittings on busy days (yeah and I wonder why I take Wellbutrin now) and I certainly do not have an assitant helping me set up backgrounds and props or to help me pose, style (amazing how many parents come in with their kids looking like they just rolled outta bed), and round up (a nice word for chase down) children. All of that for a self-proclaimed *picky* parent to whip out their $7.99 coupon and try to whittle down the price from there...

*wow that felt good*

In totally unrelated but necessary news:

I know I am just a few days in on the new meds but I swear I already feel different. Okay I don't *feel* different -- I just feel less anxious and apprehensive about EVERYTHING.

For example...
Yesterday at work on a busy Saturday being booked solid in the morning and working with a new gal(who is a sweetheart but just new and inexperienced which means I need to shoot all day) the camera decides to shit the bed in the middle of a sitting.
I spent an hour on helpdesk, I had to reschedule the people waiting in the lobby, call the upcoming sittings to reschedule, and send the poor new girl to another studio to get us a replacement camera. We were down for almost three hours and normally this type of chaos would send me in a tailspin. I might seem okay on the outside but I would have been DYING on the inside.
Yesterday that wasn't the case.
I dealt with it and didn't panic.
I didn't come home in a bad mood (shocking) and I wasn't ranting about work all night.

So yeah... I am really liking this Wellbutrin. It seems to be doing exactly what it is suppose to -- and I am shocked that it seems to be helping this early on. But I am also realistic... I know it is a process and not an instant cure. I could totally freak out in another situation.
But I am making progress -- and that shit I like!



  1. I'm glad your meds are starting to work for you.

  2. I'm sorry to say that my brother's wife is one of those people who want private photographer services at Target prices. Thankfully, she won't be walking into your Target. :P

    One thing I can't stand on Facebook is people having a whole conversation through the status comments. So, annoying especially if you liked that status.

    I'm glad to see that the Wellbutrin is helping.

  3. I just read Mariebop's comment, above, and totally agree! I can't stand when someone says something in their status that you'd like to respond to, but by the time you go to say anything, there is already a long conversation between two or 3 people that has nothing to do with the original status.
    And, I don't have a certain person on my facebook because she likes everything. Everything. Lesley is feeling sick today and won't be answering the phone. Like! Lesley is wondering where the heck her best friend is and why she isn't answering text. Hint hint. Like!

    So Miss Goddess, you are ageless. Until I read this I assumed you were in your early 30s. You look amazing, speak your mind like your in your 20s and have the sweet wisdom of someone who is 80. I like you very much so just don't worry about a couple of grays. They don't define shit. ♥

  4. Shitty about the sitting fees and stuff. Once upon a time I worked in a photolab right beside a portrait studio and use to daydream about being a photographer there...but after seeing long line ups and idiot customers, I thought no. No no no....

  5. That is what I do not miss about retail. The annoying and mean customers that come in and treat you like crap and then expect the world from you. I guess some people feel that if they are paying so little for pictures, its ok their kids look like they just rolled out of bed but its not something I would want to do with my child. No matter what price. People are stupid if they just want to try and get you to lower the price for them. I don't understand how some of these people still survive being retarded like that

  6. Go girl!!! Let it all spill out.

    GLad that you are feeling improvement in dealing with your anxiety.


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