Sunday, September 5, 2010


I almost don't recognize myself in certain ways anymore.
I feel different...
I am acting different...
I think differently...
It's quite peculiar and so unexpected.
I feel so more aware of myself, other people, and life in general around me.
And I think the peculiarity is in regards to my wondering how in the world I never felt like this before? How did I go forty years virtually in the dark?

Yesterday I took a walk and really took in the sights around me. I have walked this particular route many, many times. But I am not sure if I ever really paid attention to my surroundings. Yesterday, I made a conscious effort to do just that.

To summarize...
And yet again... how did I never notice it all before?
Crazy the way your mind works when you purposely let it do what it's designed to do!

Moving along...
Today I am attempting to plan a simple BBQ for my immediate family which allows those who aren't *dieting* (not fond of that word but it works in a generalized way...) and those who are a nice balance of foods without either feeling deprived.

We are having the obvious; hot dogs and hamburgers. But I am also making portobello mushrooms to use in lieu of a hamburger bun or even a burger for the SERIOUS dieter. I haven't decided just how SERIOUS I want to be today. Because I have been so ridiculously SERIOUS that I am in the running for the diet sainthood. I think I need to take it down a notch and just relax for one afternoon. Doesn't mean I will partake in the BBQ nightmares like potato salad (which is easily one of my Top Ten favorite foods) or coleslaw, but I just might enjoy a juicy burger wedged between two gorgeous grilled portobello mushrooms!

I am also going to make an enormous fresh salad of mixed greens, red onions, feta cheese, alfalfa sprouts, and grapefruit. I LOVE this salad... simple but absolutely delicious.

A beautiful meal made in honor and to give thanks to a wonderful summer.

Blessed Be...

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