Sunday, September 12, 2010

An Exciting Time...

I had to really force myself to get out and walk today. Once I step foot out the door I was so glad I did. I need to walk; daily even. I want to be jogging by next month and running by the beginning of the new year. And let's not even get into how impatient I am to get some of this weight off my body. But that is a whole other issue!

I want to run The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon next August.

It's inaugural run in Providence mind you. Yeah, my wedding will be slightly under two weeks after said half-marathon... but I am feeling pretty adventurous these days. Invincible even!

I can do it!

Here is the link if any of my MANY readers (still zero readers as of this date... heh-heh!) care to check it out...

So freakin' cool and SO me!

I am ashamed to admit that I have let my Pagan work go to the wayside the past few days. I took a workshop this week titled *Moon Magick* and learned so much and sadly haven't put any of it to use. There is a part of me that wants to get everything (i.e. my altar, spells, Book of Shadows, and tools) fully in order before I begin to seriously work on such things. And I am thinking that I will get it all taken care of before the full moon on the 23rd... or even wait until the 25th when we have Drum Circle followed immediately by Open Circle that same evening.

I love Open Circle.

Next weekend one of my best friends and I are taking a day trip to Salem. MA. I cannot even begin to say how stoked I am for this trip! Neither of us have been. I know, I know... shame on us for living so ridiculously close and not getting there before now. I could make up a million valid and not-so-valid excuses, but I will spare us all.

I have a list of things and place I want to do... but the top of my list is to purchase a new tarot deck. I am longing for this new deck!

So many things to look forward to...
An exciting time in my life!

Blessed Be...

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