Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So yeah... I know I totally chinze out when I make an entire post in pictures. But this blog is my *place* to just tell MY story. And what better way than in pictures. What can I possibly say that a picture cannot?
I adore photography and the story it tells...

So what's new?
Oh yeahhhhh...
Consecutively might I add.
I am so ridiculously proud of myself i could just burst! ME!!!! I ran!!!! It's almost too intensely weird to even say... errr write. But I did it, and I will do again. And do it longer! And I kinda owe it to a *challenge* (they are a Weight Watcher staple if you use the online tools) on the WW site. I need to run a 5K (3.1 miles) by Thanksgiving. I am sure I can do it and it will only prepare me for my half-marathon for next year.

I AM running that marathon dammit!

Affirmation for Today: If you see it... you can attain it!
I thought that ALL afternoon and I ran a mile. I saw myself doing it and I actually did it. WOW! Never, EVER underestimate the power of positive thinking!!!!

Sadly there was no Goddess Group tonight, which is a major bummer. They are replacing the sidewalks immediately in front of the shop and apparently wet concrete needs 48 hours to dry? Who knew? Certainly not I... but this is why we have no group tonight. And I am not the only disappointed *goddess*... everyone seemed pretty disenchanted.

We have all built a rapport and I think, well I at least, look forward to seeing these women and sharing this experience with them every week. All on top of learning more about Paganism and even myself. A win/win/win situation!

Angela is offering a class on elemental work tomorrow... tentatively at least. I may sneak out tomorrow and take it? I need my *fix* for the week... and honeslty it is my *ME* time... other than running of course.

Can I call it *running* now?
Am I a runner?
Wow... what a nice thought. If I am of course.
I am changing in so many wonderful and positve ways and I am elated because of it all!

Blessed Be...

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