Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Walk the Line...

Day 158

With my new outlook on weight loss and exercise due to gaining 5lbs and being jolted into a *now or never* attitude -- I have actually been out walking this week!
I walked Friday, Sunday, yesterday, and have every intention of walking the rest of the week as well.

So this morning I was reading some of my favorite blogs and came across a post from a friend where she wrote about virtually walking
The Trans American Trail and shared a link to the site she is using to track her progress.
Sounds like fun!
So why not give it a whirl?
So I am!
As of today (and yes, I did count the walking I have done so far this week)… I am about 7 ½ miles away from Williamsburg, VA!

The Trail is about 5,000 miles long – so I have NO clue how long it will take me to complete it.
It’s not a race; just a personal goal!
Updates to follow…

Blessed Be…


  1. Yea Cyn! And of course you count what you did this year already. If I could remember how many miles I walked on the cruise ship, I would have, too. I'm right behind you girlfriend.

  2. That's so cool! Can't wait to see how far you get.

  3. Thanks Marie!

    Mia I got your back as well! i will be anxiously awaiting your updates!!!


  4. Congrats and Welcome to post-holiday WW. I'm so glad that you posted that link for the trail - I started in November and couldn't remember how to get back to it because I forgot to bookmark the page.

  5. Thanks Kim and so glad I could help... psyched to hear how you are doing? How far are you now???


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