Friday, January 7, 2011

Life is Spiffy...

Day 161

Friday Blessings!

I really wanted to get around to writing yesterday, but alas…
So let’s recap a bit…

Goddess Group Tuesday night was awesome!
We have kinda been in a slump for the past couple of weeks; I think everyone was just so overwhelmed by the holidays – I know I was!
But we are back on track and working on some really amazing techniques to empower ourselves. Things involving the moon phases, colors, and meditation. I think everyone is falling in love with group all over again – awwww!
AND we had some new Goddesses attend our group – that is always so cool to me! I am always wishing our little group would extend to a larger group… dunno why?

Skylar had her library reading group on Wednesday – after a three week hiatus for the holidays. She was so elated when we pulled into the library parking lot – it was priceless; her little smiling face! I am so glad life as we know it is getting back to *normal* since the holidays!

I am still über motivated about walking – I earned more AP’s (Activity Points for your non-Weight Watcher folks) this week than I did for ALL of last month!
That is both sad and extremely awesome!
But I am proud to say that I walked five outta seven days this week – GO ME GO!
I logged in 9.9 miles for The Trans American Trail cyber walk and am only a mere 3.25 miles from Williamsburg -- *w00ts*!
I FULLY expect good results on the scale at my weigh-in and Weight Watcher meeting this morning – by golly!

Last night’s dinner with Hunter’s new girlfriend Ariel (she gets MEGA points for the name alone as I am just IN LOVE with the Little Mermaid) went nicely – I think at least. I did my best not to interrogate the poor girl, as much as I may have wanted to… I will save that for the next time we meet.
Honestly – she is just adorable and giggles non-stop. I am not sure if that is because she is smitten with my son or if that is just her personality? I am guessing it is Hunter because he seems equally smitten – and it is so damn cute!
Ahhh… to be young again…
I think she is a positive force in his life – so thank you to The Powers That Be for that!

This evening we are attending the 2nd Birthday party for my best friend’s daughter – Skylar’s first real birthday party to boot!
Okay, we technically she has been to a couple of b-day parties – but not a kiddie one since she has been old enough to comprehend the whole process.
So needless to say… this is going to be a SUPER FUN new experience for her!

Work wise –
Well… it’s a super slow time of year for my line of work. So basically I am not really working that much. As the *low gal on the totem pole* I am basically on call and work when I am needed. Sadly, I haven’t been needed this week. I thought I might work tomorrow but with a significant snow fall forecasted for tonight into tomorrow – cancellations galore!
I still have hope… maybe I will get called in and can earn some dinero!

If nothing else… working back in retail photography has reignited my passion to shoot pictures again. I barely take a step without my camera – my brandy-new super cool and fancy camera – in tow! I even have been taking it on my walks and yesterday I got some amazing shots – which over time I will post. I am working on a few subject related posts. And I am really digging the Photo scavenger hunt my boss posts every single day… that is really helping me think outside of the box again!

I think that about sums it up…
As you can see…
Life is pretty damn spiffy these days…
I am blessed with so much and by so many!

Blessed Be…

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